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  1. Thanks Matt, i cant answer your question Adam as i have not viewed Andromeda (yet) Jay
  2. Nice images Kent what scope and cam combo did you use? Thanks Jay
  3. have you got to grips with Poalr aligning Parus? The whole setting circles on the mount seems really cheap to me and dosnt seem to be built right... it all seems loose, but what would i know! Also how tight have you screwed the polar scope in? Thanks Jay
  4. Cheers Vega, but just done it, it just unscrews! lol Jay
  5. Afternoon, i received my Skywatcher Polarscope for the EQ3-2 mount the other day, just got around to opening the box and to be honest im abit lost! How do i install the Polar scope? ive had a quick search on google but couldnt find a guide with pictures (i like instructions with pictures ) Thanks Jay:D
  6. Same here, gutted! Enjoy down south!
  7. Have a look here; http://www.12dstring.me.uk/astro.htm Some good results with a SW150P, motors a eos350d and a webcam. Jay
  8. Great image with the 127 well done Jay
  9. Cheers, will look at it tonight when I get home. If that dosnt fix it I'll email Robin, thanks again Jay
  10. Thanks for the reply, I see the image of what I intend to record, but when I start the capture the image goes black so I can't see the object to try and manually keep it centered, it captures just fine but I don't see the image when it's capturing if that makes sense. Thanks again Jay
  11. Hi just a quick question, I've done a quick google but couldn't find the answer although I am on my mobile. When capturing an image, should the preview screen go black? The images capture ok but I can't see the object I'm filming to keep it manually tracked. This should only be an issue if that's the case till my duel motors arrive. Thanks in advance Jay
  12. motors out of stock, but polar scope already dispatched, this will mean two deliverys! oh well Jay
  13. Sorry didnt see your reply, using an EQ3-2, i have ordered the axis motors today and ill stay off the decking Jay
  14. lol i did too, im not originally from these neck of the woods. Jay
  15. Im out and about at work, ill live will use that when i get a DSLR! lol Jay
  16. lol, the problem is im working days the rest of the week so she will be in when its delivered, plan A tell her before it comes, plan B say it was meant to come with the original order of the scope Jay
  17. Ive just ordered the duel axis motor and a polar scope, the wife will kill me lol Jay
  18. Mine didnt! i see you have the delux version. Jay
  19. Oh and how long do the batterys last? Thanks again! Jay
  20. Thanks, it seems pretty good as long as you are correctly polar aligned, does this alignment have to be bang on as i may need a polar scope too lol Jay
  21. Thanks guys, What would the diffence be in say tracking the moon and Saturn? will i set the same speed ?
  22. How easy is it to track objects from the moon to Deep space objects using the duel motor drive for the EQ3-2 mount? thinking of getting one after last nights attempts at manually tracking Saturn to capture with my SPC900 Thanks Jay
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