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  1. There is another SPC 900 bundle on ebay now with a current bid of £1.20!
  2. Keith, im going for the one suggested. Thanks Jay
  3. Great image with that cam, is it the same cam that was £3 earlier in the year?
  4. Good first attempt, better than my first go! Jay
  5. Good review, think this will be my next scope
  6. The weather is crazy these days!
  7. Cheers for the info guys, ill look into all the ones mentioned Thanks Jay
  8. Welcome to SGL, i have learnt alot from here shame about our weather here in the UK! Jay
  9. Thanks for the reply, they will only be used for my holiday and possibly bird watching now and again, i no not wish to spend more than £100 Thanks Jay
  10. Hi all im off on a cruise soon what bino's do people recommend? Thanks Jay
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