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  1. Hi There! I am very new and will be buying a telescope in the next two weeks! (The Skywatcher Explorer 150p EQ3 - 2) Would this weekend be a good way for me to get used to using my new telescope with help and advice from other more experienced enthusiasts? or is this weekend mainly for very advanced astronomers??
  2. Thanks for the advice everyone! I'm really excited to get out there for the first time once I have found a good deal on the skywatcher 150p as my parents said they will buy me a second hand one for my birthday! I will have to keep my eyes peeled and I will look into that book and other resources!
  3. Couldn't have said it better myself and yes I am a girl and I love him! haha
  4. I can not wait for Sunday, the series looks awesome, I love Brian Cox he is so laid back like a really nice school science teacher! :-)
  5. Hi Everyone! I think I am going to get the SkyWatcher Explorer 150P EQ3 - 2, as my first telescope after reading so many positive reviews and because I would really like to get into imaging somewhere down the line! I am also getting myself a copy of 'Turn Left At Orion' and I was wondering if there are any other resources I could get that hold of that would help me with learning the technical aspects of using a telescope for the first time as I am very new to this game! Thanks
  6. I really want to get this scope for my first! thanks for the review!
  7. I am going to my local library tonight to pick up a copy of this book! I am really excited to read it hee hee!
  8. Wonder if this is going to be enforced up in the North? I would be interested to find out what effect this would have on light pollution in Newcastle in the wee small hours... :-)
  9. Hi Gary! I am new here too and a geordie from whitley bay ! Just joined and looking to buy my first telescope! WelcomE! SGL is awesome!
  10. Thanks for pointing me to this post I will read it as soon as possible as eveyone has very positive comments! :-)
  11. Wow Mark that's awesome! I was thinking around £200 to spend on my first telescope something around that mark, I would love to get something worth a bit more second hand if I can find anything also! :-)
  12. Thanks for the replys guys, they have been most helpful! I will look into the Skywatcher range I think, is there any in particular that anyone would like to recommend? I guess I would need one that I could transport around as I am thinking of taking it to the lake district in the summer also so that will be a consideration I guess.... and the information on imaging was really useful! :-)
  13. Hi there! I would really like some help to buy my first telescope I was thinking of getting one second hand if possible and I just wondered what is thought to be a good beginners telescope! I really like the look of the Orion StarBlast 4.5 EQ Reflector - Telescope but it looks like Orion telescopes are hard to come by in the UK and the suppliers I have seen seem to over charge for them compared to the U.S.A. I am a complete beginner and would love some guidance on which type of telescope to get which is easy to get to grips with! Also I would like to get into astro imaging once I am all set up and confident using the telescope so any advice on this aspect would be great! Thanks Lana
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