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  1. Hi There! Just thought I would share that I am now the owner of one Skywatcher Explorer 130P SynScan AZ GOTO, for my first telescope! just put all the bits together last night :( hee hee eventually managed and now it is standing in my spare room waiting to be used, just have to work out what to do with it now :)..... hoping to go to the Newcastle Astronomical Society meeting on Thursday so hopefully a kind soul may help me on my first outing some time as I will hopefully be joining the observing group :)

    Any hoo just thought I would share as I am very excited to have purchased a telescope finally, currently just walking around it and staring at it thinking what the hell do I do now :(

    peace out


  2. You should join the Newcastle Astronomical Society if you haven't already! I've heard that it is a great group. I am going to go along to my first meeting on April 21st if they let me join up :icon_eek: lol hoping to learn a lot of them!


  3. Hi, I am a newbie and I am looking for my 1st telescope. I am keeping my eyes peeled for a second hand one but I do not know which one to go for! I got some great advice on here to go for the Skywatcher Explorer 150P but I don't know if a GOTO mount would be helpful to help me find and track things in the sky! As my budget is around £160-200 I am looking at these 2. What do you guys think I should go for? They are both exactly the same price new on FLO and I just wondered what people think of the Skywatcher 130P SynScan AZ GOTO as a beginner telescope. Would it be better for me to get the better telecope or better mount? I have limited knowledge of the sky,

    Thanks! :icon_eek:

  4. Hi I'm Lana, I have been on SGL for about 3 weeks but I never officially said howdy! I am brand new to the hobby with a pile of books to read :hello2: and I am sure I will be asking many questions over the next few months! Planning on going to the Kielder Aumun Star Camp and I can't wait!

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