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  1. Utterly briliant television, Just watched the second episode and thought it was incredibly interesting. I really like Brian Cox's style. Someone presenting in such a natural style is far more appealing to me than a 'Morgan Freeman/Hollywood voiceover. Prof Cox I can trust, Freeman and Hollywood produced Invictus. Enough said.
  2. 'Second light' - Organised early enough to see Jupiter and four moons. Wow. Hooked.
  3. Thanks for the tips. Checked out the German website - nothing suitable for my scope. I think i may just build my own. Sleeping bag is a great short term solution.
  4. She's not a 'student' nurse. That's your imagination running away with you!
  5. Does a carry case for a F1200 D150 reflector telescope exist. I have a skyliner 150 on a dob mount and would like to load the telescope into the car for camping trips etc. Can i get resonably priced protection for this scope? ..........or if i place it in the car without protection is it robust enough to not be affected by car journeys? Thanks
  6. Thanks for you help Moonshane. Im going to spend a month or so using the equipment i have and reading turn left at orion. I have a birthday next month so will hint towards new lenses and a moon filter.
  7. I have been advised that TMB lenses are good value. Any views?
  8. Thanks for your reply brianb. Excuse my ignorance, but what is a vanilla plossl? If i want good views of saturn's rings do i need a 200x plus lens? I have been told that a 7mm (171x) is likely to get more use than a 6mm (200x) lens. Does this ring true?
  9. Who are TMB? Can't find them on Rother Valley or FLO websites...
  10. Thanks for the advice. A decent quality lens/lenses is going to be my first upgrade.
  11. Having developed an interest in the night sky and having done many hours of internet research, I took the plunge and bought a skyliner 6" reflector dob. Took it out last night for my first ever views with a telescope. I have to say I was slightly dissapointed - Nothing appeared to be significantly larger or of greater resolution. All I could see was more stars than were visible to the naked eye. I'm guessing some, if not most of you are rolling your eyes at this point and thinking my expectations were too great. Maybe so. BUT... I have only the skywatcher 10mm and 25mm lenses supplied with the instrument. I have heard that these are low quality. Are things likely to be more satisfying for me as a newbie when a) i view the moon/planets, and/or I buy a good quality 6mm lens? I don't expect miracles and i don't intend to give up. I simply don't know what to expect! Help.
  12. Well, I couldn't get on with the finderscope but i hadn't had the chance to set it up properly in the daylight so it was off by a long way. Managed to sort it out later in the evening. The problem with Jupiter is that it had dropped behind my garage within the first 10 minutes of me being outside, and being a newbie i spent this time faffing and getting confused with the back to front/upside down nature of the reflector. Nevermind. Got to see a shooting star and the M42 (?) nebula, although I've got to say nothing had too much of a wow factor. I think that might be the 10mm (120x) Skywatcher lens supplied with the scope. Would, say a 200x lens make a big difference?
  13. Apologies. It was indeed the western sky I was looking at....at least trying to!
  14. So I finally got the chance to try out my new/first telescope last night. The sky was clear and I'd even identified Jupiter on my way home from work and was getting seriously excited about viewing it. I moved the 6" dob into the back garden and gave it an hour to cool down. On my return to my postage stamp sized back garden, Jupiter was dropping in the eastern sky and the only way to view it over the top of my garage was to move right to the rear of the garden next to the compost bin with me crouching in the dark over the scope at a 40 degree angle. I had dutifully done all this in total darkness so it wasn't a total surprise when I recognised the sweet gagging smell of cat poo rising from my damp knee. Great start. Got better. As I tried desperately to find Jupiter, the neighbour to my left turned on her bathroom light and got on with her life behind frosted glass. Shortly after, the neighbour to my left poked her head out from behind her bedroom curtains to observe a man covered in cat muck crouched by a compost bin (apparently) observing the goings on of a single nurses bathroom activities. Ten minutes into an astronomy hobby. Did i see Jupiter? No. The question is....should I point out that a reflector is useless for peeping tom activities.....
  15. Ok. I've ordered TLAO and 'Sky and Telescope's Pocket Sky Atlas. Scope arrived tonight. Unfortunately so did the clouds! Just desperate to get out there - Keep peering out of the window every half an hour to see if the clouds have cleared.
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