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  1. Hi everyone, I'm in the middle of getting my first astrophotography rig. I have a CG-5 mount, C8 and a WO 80ED APO. I've been told that mounting the APO ontop of the C8 is already pushing the limit of what the mount can handle. So adding my canon and an autoguider is probably leaning towards ruining my mount... So I was thinking about just getting an off-axis adapter and getting something like a Nexguider or Orion Starshoot guider... Any ideas or suggestions???
  2. ill probably post a new thread asking about the autoguiding... Thanks though -Another question, i have a mac laptop, i think the only program i can use is Photoshop, which i already have... Will this work stacking and getting the color to normal from the filter images??? If not, i can probably get a program on my mac to run windows programs if you guys recommend other program besides PS like DeepSkyStacker???
  3. I finally got my clip filter today! Cant wait to try it out, but unfortunately the skies are cloudy most nights, including tonight Got myself a remote shutter for my Canon as well. Gonna test out the tracking limits of my CG5. I know the CG5 cant handle that much weight, so mounting my zenith star on my C8 is no longer in my plans. So for guiding, i was planning on getting an Off-axis adapter... Do you recommend getting an autoguider such as the NexGuider or Orion StarShoot and guiding in this manner??? Regards,
  4. Hi guys! Im new to astrophotography. Just bought a cg5 mount to take some slightly longer exposures with my c8. I live in the Los Angeles area and have heavily light polluted and smog polluted skies. I know it will be impossible to to ever reach the great quality of all your images. I wanted to ask you guys for some tips for my equipment. I just bought a light pollution filter clip for my canon t1i to remove the orange glow in all my images. Im awaiting to receive that clip in the next day or two. I have an f/6.3 reducer on my c8 that creates some vignetting around my image as well. I have already been told to read up on "FLATS" for that issue I have also added CS5 to my mac and have been practicing stacking to remove background noise from the image. -Are there any other suggestions for my setup that you guys recommend? Either for my C8 or for the new ZS80ED i bought? -Any other editing software that i should consider getting as well? (maybe compatible with mac) Im also considering getting a little meade DSI II for imaging and for tracking (possibly). What do you guys think??? I really hope that i can reach a level even half as good as you guys one day Have a great day
  5. Amazing! thanks guys i already ordered a clip for my canon. Cant wait to try it out when it arrives!!! Lets see what the result is in a couple of days
  6. Wonderful! Thanks for the warm welcome -Is the flattener going to go attached to the reducer? -Those two items should be enough to get started with some good images right? -Lastly, I just purchased a Williams Optics ZenithStar 80mmAPO... Will all these items be necessary as well, eventhough it has great optics?
  7. Hi everyone. I just purchased a CG-5 mount in order to start taking some better photos at night. However, i have no experience and no one in the Los Angeles area to really help me... Here is a single shot i took of M42. 30 seconds, ISO 400, on a typical horrible night of light pollution. I slightly processed it on Aperature on my Mac. Eventually im going to try to take longer exposures, like of 2 minutes... (im using a Canon EOS Rebel T1i) -Will getting a UHC filter help with this glow issue??? -Also, Im using a C8 on a CG-5 mount and i just installed an f/6.3 reducer-corrector... Do i buy a 1.25" or 2" filter for this set-up? Where does the filter go installed??? I cant just walk in to a local dealership to ask these questions because the closest one to me is 25miles away and the traffic to get there is like a 2 hour drive Any help would be greatly appreciated... thanks
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