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  1. Love it! You're starting to get me interested in CCD-LRGB imaging too
  2. Yea I was doing some research... Can't find them anywhere... I see that starlight xpress has some newer ones, but they seem to have smaller sensors
  3. Hi luke Any idea where i can find one of these babies??? It looks VERY tempting lol Especially with all the features it has
  4. Hi andy. Truly wonderful work here. I'm very amazed with your Iris nebula Sorry to throw this noob question at you, but are you using anything to control your camera? Like in the sense that you're programing it to take a certain number of 10min shots... Or are you simply taking each bulb shot manually?
  5. So here are two examples... The first one was taken with the Baader Skyglow filter... 12x2min in ISO 400. stacked and messed with levels and curves. (Sorry for the horrible guiding) The second is taken with my CLS clip and the dew shield installed. 33x2min in ISO 800. Stacked and messed with levels and curves. Im not sure, but they seem almost the same to me Should i maybe try to take another set with my CLS clip and the new shield but in ISO 400??? Maybe the high ISO is catching way too much city light in the smog??? Thus giving me such bright subs like the one in this thread... It seems like this brightening in the subs is hiding all the details in the images, and thus causing the need for much more subs? (Like what happened with those two hours of subs on M109...) What do you guys think??? (What do you guys think will happen if i combine both the Clip and the Skyglow filter together???)
  6. Breathtaking shot! Both in color and monochrome. Truly amazing!
  7. yea it totally makes sense to me now Since the camera is so close to the telescope entrance, it must capture alot of stray light. isnt it also true that even the viewfinder on the camera catches unwanted light as well? should i cover that as well with a small black cloth?
  8. Thanks guys! i dont know why i didnt think about trying that before. i still have the dew shield that i used to use with my old C8. im pretty sure i can find a way to make it fit on my newt. and its pretty long too. Something like 10inches or so Cant wait to give it another try and ill probably stick to the iso 800 and 2min subs...
  9. Wow! I have alot of processing to learn! Thanks for all the help guys. So last night I did the test shots with the baader skyglow and it was even worse! I guess the moon contributed as well, but it was still pretty bad. One thing I did notice was that if I put the iso down to 400 it doesn't come out as bright. Will I lose data for going down in iso? Will that mean that I have to just add more and more data time to compensate??? (i will post my shots from last night a little later today)
  10. Well here is an embarrassing 2hr stack of 2min subs like the one above. As you can see, ive pushed the levels and curves in CS5 pretty far. i know that i have alot to learn about processing, but im pretty sure that for 2hrs of data, there should be more here... Cant wait to test the Baader Skyglow on something brighter ... Thanks for all the help
  11. The good thing is that i already have my baader skyglow filter. And I just recovered from a slight leg injury. I should be able to take some test shots tonight finally and post them here for you guys. Hopefully there is a noticeable difference
  12. Thanks CW and Mike Yea in every frame there is a small hint of M109. The problem is that when I stack my 2 hours of data, the spiral arms of the galaxy BARELY start showing... I think that for two hours of data I should at least get some nice structure. In order to get the arms to start showing, I have to push the levels and curves on CS5 to the limit and then the image just gets noisy and unappealing I'm sure that all this glow is taking alot out of my stacked data
  13. This a beautiful picture indeed Luke! Wonderful job My i ask what other images you used to process?? Like how many darks/flats you used? Sorry im such a noob
  14. Oh man! I hope it doesn't completely ruin astrophotograghy got me If so I'm only going to be able to image in small subs or I'm going to have to drive out of town to do anything
  15. I'm not sure what the type of lighting is... But the sky is pink on particularly bad nights lol
  16. Well the visible light that the filter lets through is blue.. So what I was thinking is that it's filtering something out, but not the skyglow The best exposure I can do that's still a little dark is one minute. I already ordered the Baader Neodimium as I've seen alot of users like Lukebl get great results with 5min exposures on an unmodded dslr in light polluted skies I'm crossing my fingers now for the first test night either tomorrow night or wednesday...
  17. Yea something must be wrong... At first I thought that the telescope was getting dew on the primary, but all the subs look the same from beginning to end of my 2hr-ish sessions... I'm gonna head over to my local dealer to see if they have a different skyglow filter I can try out
  18. Hi everyone. I finally got a capable mount for my equipment and i got my guider to work with the mount. I can finally take long exposures So finally after months of getting my equipment to be compatible with each other, now i have this problem... Here is a single 120sec exposure of M109. I know its not the easiest object to work with as a beginner, but this is just an example of what happens to my exposures... Im using the equipment thats in my signature... Eventhough i have my CLS clip on my camera, the exposures come out bright! I tried a 4min exposure to end the session the other night, and it came out even brighter than this! I could barely distinguish The two or three brightest stars... Is this normal for a severely light polluted sky like Los Angeles? Or is the clip not doing its job correctly? Should i consider a different filter like SkyGlow? Any help will be appreciated... Thanks
  19. That looks amazing for a 5 minute sub on an unmodded DSLR I think that i need to change my filter then. or im doing something wrong? My 2 minute subs come out bright blue and you can barely make out any stars Im trying to upload an example, but the server wont let me. ill try again in a little while Thanks Luke
  20. Excellent image lukebl Could you post what one of your subs looks like? Ive spent the last two nights trying to image with long subs with my 500D now that im finally guiding, but the best i think that i can do is about 2 minutes because the images become incredibly bright... I dont know if it is because the light pollution here in Los Angeles is so severe? I am also using a CLS light pollution clip for my camera
  21. A M A Z I N G !!! Cant wait to get more experience with my Astrograph and processing
  22. Breathtaking image Franck! The dust-bands are great, and you have alot of fuzzies everywhere. Truly admirable!
  23. oh i see... very good then. i will keep all of this in mind for my next night out. Thanks
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