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  1. That sounds awesome! Please post a picture of your new setup when youre done And by the way, what is a digital angle finder?
  2. Yes it is a 26mm QX. Is there something negative about the EP?
  3. I have 5mm nagler, 82-degree. It worked great with my 8". Can't wait to try it out tonight!
  4. Yes I noticed. Almost every night for this month had that dreaded sneaky marine layer. Now that I've correctly collimated the 12" I can't wait to try it out. First will be Saturn. Then some bright objects since the moon is getting brighter now. And let's see what effects the Neodymium and the UHC-s filters have!
  5. Wonderful stuff Mike! It is a worthy project. I just received my 12" dob and I'm excited to start hunting. Keep up the good work. You've inspired me to do the same. I look forward to seeing much more from you!
  6. Yes I did! I got it through agenaastro.com They are actually on the way from my work to home. So I just ordered online and picked up from their office. They are very convenient. Even if you can't pick up from them, they have free shipping and items should arrive the next day. Unfortunately I tried to set up tonight and turns out it was horribly out of collimation. I just finished collimating and should be ready for action tomorrow night.
  7. Hi guys! I love all the options there are... Unfortunately since I just purchased my 12" today the budget is LOW lol The telescope comes with a 26mm, 2", 70 degree... So let's see how it fares against my explore scientific 24mm, 1.25", 68 degree. If I still feel like I can use some aperture, maybe I can try one from my local vendor... www.agenaastro.com. You guys should check them out. They have a 30mm and 32mm, 70degree AFV for only $80 US. Maybe in a week I'll try one out for myself and ill let you guys know how it compares
  8. Hi guys!!! Just wanted to let you know that I went instead for a new Meade 12" Lightbridge! What do you guys think? I know the 16" is very popular, but unfortunately it is way out of my budget. If time permits, I should be able to set up tonight... And maybe even take a sketch of something..
  9. Cool thanks John! I think ill start hunting down a good 32mm-2" for some nice APV
  10. and by the way, besides the weight, what will be the difference in getting a 32-ish mm eyepiece in 2" compared to 1.25" like all my other EP's??? Depending on the AFV, the views should be around the same???
  11. Thanks guys. This helps alot. I already have a 24mm 68-degree. I like the views it gives me on my 8". But im sure it wont be the same magnification on the 12" since the focal length almost doubles right? The 8" is 800mm, while the 12" is going to be 1500mm. Thus going from 33.3x to 62.5x. So i just wanted to see if getting a wider eyepiece was recommended. But indeed i will try to stay shy of the manufacturer limit and get something like a 2"-32mm. Im sure the views will be great nonetheless
  12. Hi Guys. Im in the process of purchasing a 12" dob. Should be trying it out tonight if everything goes well. I was just curious what is the widest possible and usefull eyepiece i can get for a 12" with 1500mm focal length? On the product description it says that the lowest power is 43x, which is equivalent to around a 35mm. But there are eyepieces on ebay and on the market all the way down to 40mm, 50mm, 60mm, even 72mm!!! What is the lowest i should be looking for? Thanks in advance guys!
  13. And just wanted to let everyone know that I'm getting my 12" this week for sure! Can't wait to try it out. I'll give you guys some First Light info as soon as I try it out.
  14. @carbon So everyone usually meets there at Mt. Pinos on New Moon Weekend? That's great. That other start party I go to is nice also. Check out telescopes.net for info on the location. There's a calendar there. They meet the same weekends.
  15. Hi guys. Thanks for all the input. I'm definitely gonna go forward with the 12". I wish I had the budget for 16" lol Yea I've heard about Mt. Pinos here in California. However it's a 100 mile drive for me from where I live :-/ I have gone a couple of times to a star party in Oak Park which is only 50 miles from my house. And the sky is dark enough to see the milky way. Can't wait to actually take a telescope next time and be blown away Most ofte people there take high-priced refractors. Views of star clusters are beautiful. But can't wait to look at some galaxies and nebulae with a 12" light bucket
  16. Thanks scarp and swamp thing... Im totally excited about having something thats easier to set-up and transport... I know i cant expect TOO much here in the city. but any difference will be much appreciated... Mostly excited as well about taking it to the next star party outside of the city!
  17. LOL yes, "much older" means im stronger. 27 now compared to 14 when i first had the 10", but also means easier to transport around now that i actually have my own car and licence compared to when i was a teenager lol
  18. Hi guys. The first telescope i owned when i was a teenager was a Meade 10" cardboard dobsonian. One of my happiest memories with it was being able to see the dust lane of the Sombrero, even here in the light pollution of LA... After about 8 years it started deteriorating and i moved on to automatic mounted 8" scopes until now. Living here in Los Angeles, i was disappointed with the views that the 8" has been giving me. Recently i have gotten an offer to buy an Orion 12" Interlliscope, full-aluminum tube dob... I know that the light gathering power of 12" compared to 8" is more than 100%... I just wanted to confirm with you guys that buying this 12" for observing is a good move? I truly want to be able to observe some structure on M51 and M101, and find some faint galaxies and faint planetaries... Living here in Los Angeles, im limited to seeing M51 with my 8" as nothing more than a tiny smudge for the core. M101 is non existant. And planetaries are limited to only the brightest such as M57, the Eskimo, and the Blue Snowball. The Owl Nebula, even with a UHC filter, is not present. Im also excited because now that i am much older, it would be easier to take the Dob out to dark skies and start observing right away, without having to set up so much and worry about finding a power source for the mounts and stuff... What do you guys think??? Aperature is King right?
  19. AlexxxAA

    M42 with UHC

    very good Rik. beautiful rendition of what we see through the eyepiece
  20. AlexxxAA


    Ive tried with my 8" several times without success. Even when my mount was hitting all the targets i was looking for right in the center... Unfortunately however, this is due to my typical mag3 light polluted skies. Im confident though, that if your skies are dark enough, your scope will find it easily. Im still waiting for my next local star party in the desert so i can appreciate some nice dark skies. Good luck!!!
  21. Not yet Spaceboy. Weather has been crazy around here. The nights i am away from home have been beautiful and clear, but the nights i am actually home early have been horrible. Either cloudy or misty with 2 or 3mag visibility and nearly completely pink light polluted skies Im not giving up though. Im gonna try to see it tonight or this weekend eventhough the moon is up. Ill see the difference between, regular, UHC, and OIII filters and try to sketch what i see. Hopefully NGC 2438 decides to come out and play with one of these views
  22. The UHC-s has given some good results in terms of Nebula. Im quite please with the purchase. I have been conversing with Darkersky, and he mentioned that he uses the Neodymium for some galaxy observations sometimes. I think i might give it a try myself soon. If not, i will definitely try a dedicated light pollution filter as well. Thank you rwiley
  23. Great job spaceboy! I'm definitely gonna give M46 a try tonight if weather permits About 2 weeks ago I tried looking through my 80mm and could not locate a single hint of the cluster itself lol Im excited to try through my 8" now
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