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  1. AlexxxAA

    NGC 7027

    Thank you Qualia. Hopefully i'll be posting more sketches more often.
  2. AlexxxAA

    NGC 7027

    Hi everyone! Here is probably the most challenging object I've observed so far. It was quite small and easy to miss. But I noticed something that wasn't quite a star and zoomed in... Not much detail on this one since its so small. I did notice a slight separation through the middle of a trapezoid, with one corner of the trapezoid much brighter than the rest of the object. I wish my collimating was better so that I could have maybe tried a Barlow to see if some more details were visible. Maybe some other time. You guys should give it a try and see if you notice anything else I missed? Clear Skies!
  3. Hi Ian Thank you for your kind honest feedback. Indeed the light pollution here where i live is quite bad since I'm only about 20km from downtown Los Angeles. But the only salvation I have is that 12" of aperture and the OIII filter work wonders together. When I tried to see M27 without the filter it was almost missable. The filter really brought out the nebula into easy view. I really recommend getting one. It would be a great team with your C8
  4. Thats a superb sketch! I just read that the Palomar Glubulars are a big challenge. Great job! Might try these out one day
  5. Very beautiful sketches!! Amazing!
  6. For some reason the sketch didnt post on the first try... So here it is lol
  7. Hi everyone. So I finally managed to get out of apartment living and move into a house with my wife. That means I actually have my own yard space to set up the beasts! So after a year, I finally took an hour Thursday night (Sept. 5) to set up the LightBridge and check out of few things. Mostly around the zenith since I didn't have all my leveling tools. So in the excitement I decided to also try a sketch after so long. M27 would be a nice, bright, easy target. But to my surprise, even with the 12", the Dumbell was very faint due to the horrible light pollution here in LA, particularly bad being a weekday... I tried the UHC filter, but with very little improvement. On the other hand, the oxygen filter made a huge difference. Even all the nebulosity around the apple-core was very noticeable. Hope you guys enjoy the sketch. I think I did a little too much emphasis on the apple-core. And there should have been a few more faint stars in the view but I was running out of time being a weeknight. Suggestions for improvement are welcome. Thanks for looking guys.
  8. Indeed great sketch Rik. Can't wait to get to my next star party at a dark site to check out some bright galaxies like this one. Maybe we'll compare observations
  9. Great image!!! I love seeing this object visually and your image really brings it to life. great detail
  10. Great work on this. Great zoom as well. Not anyone dedicates time to these obscure objects.
  11. The troubles we go through for great views in our beautiful hobby Worth it though...
  12. Thanks for the post! Any idea if filters help for comets? like an OIII filter or UHC? Never tried before...
  13. wow thanks chris!!! That is a much better price than anything offered here. Now lets see how much it comes out to with shipping and everything
  14. Has anyone tried or read about the newer Rowe Coma Corrector by Baader? It seems to be a step up in optics compared to the MPCC, thus the slightly higher price. How does the Parracor compare? I think there is still a supplier that still sells the MPCC and the Parracor by itself.
  15. Thank you guys for the help. Unfortunately upgrading my eyepieces is out of the question lol So ill see if i can actually find a coma corrector somewhere here in the US. They seem to be back-ordered everywhere lol
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