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  1. I think it's a Jessops?? I considered buying one of these for my 9yr old until I read this thread http://stargazerslounge.com/astro-lounge/166268-jessops-telescope-any-good.html I think I'll get him the SW Heritage 130p instead.
  2. Mine would have to be PK 009-07.1 in M22 My bucket list would have reached the end of high entropy before I get to see that..
  3. I bought this ironing chair online Leifheit Multi-seat Niveau Ironing Chair - £27.95
  4. Hello & welcome to SGL!
  5. Hello & welcome to SGL!
  6. Greetings Telrad. Welcome to the forum. I'm from Surrey and I have a large dobsonian. I hope you enjoy your stay!
  7. Eventually will all matter collapse into black holes?
  8. Hi Which 12v DC Power Supply Adaptor should I buy for my SW250PX Auto? Is it the 1.25A or 3.8A? Thanks
  9. Hi, I have a SW Flex Auto and would like to know how to use the Auto Track function? I have set the latitude for where I am. The instructions are helpful but they do not indicate which buttons to use apart from 'Go', 'Slow' / 'Fast'...? What do I do once I've located an object and wish to track it acrosss the sky? Cheers
  10. Hi, Is this the Moon and Skyglow Filter? Light Pollution Reduction - Baader Neodymium Filter Will it fit the standard EPs on a SW 10" Flex?
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