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    Hi all.

    Hi and welcome to SGL.
  2. nexus21

    Hi from Devon

    Hi and welcome to SGL. 127 slt (snap).
  3. nexus21

    Hi from hull

    Hi Andrew and welcome. Like you I'm just starting out and with all the cloud we have had I've not had much chance to see the moon yet. Keep an eye out for Jupiter and Saturn. You are just in time to catch jupiter before it's orbit disappears behind the sun, look west just after sun set and you may catch jupiter and mercury close to each other. Also around the 3rd of april it will be best time to see Saturn at opposition. It rises in the east at about 9pm ish and is in the south about 1am.
  4. Thanks for all the welcome
  5. nexus21

    my stuff

    From the album: Case and scope

  6. Hi john Like you I viewed Saturn a couple of weeks back, unfortunately in-between the branches of a 80ft tree in next door’s garden but still got to see the rings. Saturn at the moment appears at the front of my house. My front lawn as close to a road so didn’t fancy setting it up there. So I broke every rule in the book and set it up in my bedroom and opened a window. Got to see Jupiter and its 4 moons, however both Saturn and Jupiter were just bright and yellow. What detail did you see? Andrew
  7. nexus21

    Dec 2009 moon Fuji s1500

    Taken December 2009 fuji s1500 camera
  8. I've been sitting on the fence here in Stoke on Trent for the last few weeks now, picking up hints etc. So thought I would now say hello. I purchased my scope Celestron 127 SLT about 4 weeks ago (yes it's my fault, sorry for the cloudy nights ). Spent ages looking, started at £50 then £80 then pushed it to £360 (shh mrs is still in shock). 1pm one Saturday raced upto Manchester to catch the shop before it closed. Purchased it that fast she didn't see how much I spent. (till I got home. hehehehe). I've always been into astronomy ever since mid 80's when I won a painting competition and received a singed copy of a book about Halley's comet signed and presented by the late Paul Doherty. That a inspired me to get some 10x50 bins and look for halley's comet. Many years passed and now decided to do it properly and get a branded scope. Andrew
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