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  1. I first purchased the Webcam + Adapter from morgans then after reading up I purchased said filter a few weeks later.

    From what I have seen as astrotux said the lens contains a Ir filter.

    When you look through a standard eye piece all you can you see is visual light. However when the webcam is connected you use the computer screen for reference while you adjust focus. I have heard that without a filter the Ir does somthing to the focused image thus affecting quality.

    At first I was unsure whether or not to purchase the filter from morgans as it looked cheap and didn't know how good it was compared to a more expensive one from else where on the net. However the filter perform perfectly.

    I have uploaded a video to You tube showing how effective it is using a standard tv remote as a demo

    When you receive the webcam dont worry about the gray focuser when you twist it to remove it. I broke all the tabs on mine.

    Kept the webcam lens and I just screw it back in when finished with it (you can still use it as a normal webcam anytime you want).

    When the original lens is removed the CCD is exposed to the environment and vulnerable to dust Some people screw the adapter in and then use the filter as a dust cover.

    Then the fun begins how to turn video in to pictures. A little hint Sharpcam or wxAstro Capture and registax all three programs are free to download.



  2. Here's my first attempt at astrophotography.

    Taken on 01/02 april 2011 during heavy wind. Imported in registax and then presed loads of buttons :) as I haven't got a clue.

    Celestron 127 SLT 5"

    no barlow Philips 900


  3. hi and welcome. My 12 x 50's are great for scanning the sky and at first I used to put them on a £10 tripod I got from 7dayshop.com. obviously I use the scope now but now and again I nip out and have a scan just by holding them. Can even make out a faint smudge for orion nebula.

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