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  1. im in cheddar and would be very interested in this i may even be able to sort some land to view from
  2. not yet been overcast since mate glad i got the advise from here though as i did not realize i had to be lookin that late at night regards
  3. ok so am back seeking advise again firstly i have a skywathcer 150 with a 10 a 25 and a 2x barlow a 3x barlow and a celestron 8 mm . during the super moon week i really enjoyed the images i could achive but i have to admit other than that i am a little disapointed . having put stelrium on my i phone i can locate stuff but as an amateure i have just tried to just work with the simple stuff so m42 and saturn have been my goals i have found m42 on various occasions but perhaps i am expecting to much but it aint anything like the pics i see on hear .this may be for many reasons so perhaps you people can help i am yet to see saturn although pointing exactly where stelrium says again help needed and finaly when and where is sgl6 many thanks again
  4. na no time delay but did think after you had switched the cell off it would take a while for the light to reignite as most street lamps are sons whic have to cool fully before they will light again
  5. mmm not sure how a laser pen would turn it of for more time than it would take the cell to reset and belive the conditions were dark again and you would have to be a blumming good shot as the sensor is right at the top of the photo cell unit
  6. buy a triangle tool like an electric box key screw fix sell them remove cover plate undo 2 screws remove fuse enjoy viewing then reverse process and hope no one notices
  7. as a sparky i could go right on hear and am willing to if required but in short 99% of caravan site outlets will have rcd or rcbo protected out lets due to many boaring facts but as you said the plug is not fused as plug top fuses only go up to 13 amps you could fit an inline rcd if you wanted but the one on the outlet you plug into will still trip before yours anyway but would be advisable if you were pluging into a non protected outlet if still unsure by all means ask me and i can definatly help
  8. welcome to sgl and i would bite there arm off at that price
  9. i tried the same last night came out alright too, god its hard work though have to say they make great wall paper/back ground for your I phone
  10. had exactly the same with my explorer 150 used masking tape wraped round the finder to pack it out then uses insulation tape round the finder and finder holder just for good measure
  11. im jelous been out vertualy every night for the last 2 weeks and nothing near that just good moon views and limited m42 well done
  12. Are the units which allow you to use your phone to take astro pics on e bay any good
  13. hi abbie being very new to this too (3 weeks with this scope) i have relised its a bit of a slog to be honest luckly the moon is providing great views at the moment but i think good nebula and planet views come with time and experance . I have posted a few proper numpty questions on here and have recieved lots of good advice from the very helpfull members on here so keep viewing your and all the other posts on here for tips .I have had limited sucess with m42 which proved reasonabley easy to find under the midle star of orions belt from here in the sw of england good luck keep searching and welcome
  14. nick w

    advice please

    managed to down load it from the link many thanks again keep the advice coming though please want to learn as much as pos
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