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  1. Hi Stick, This is a friendly place for us newbies, loads of good advice on offer and lots of expertise. I've picked up loads on here already, I'm sure you will too. Welcome aboard.
  2. dod

    Hi from Warrington

    Hi Dave, I joined the forum recently myself, it's a really friendly place and you'll pick up loads of good advice and information. People seem very patient with us new guys, and the 'Primers' section is dead useful. All the best with the new hobby.
  3. dod

    Hello From Stoke

    Hi Andrew, I just purchased the very same scope today and have spent the last couple of hours ohhing and ahhing over the moon. Welcome from another newbie!
  4. Heh, of course, thanks for the tip. I'll have to get practising for when the time is right .
  5. I had a look through some 25x70's the other night about 1am. Propped the bins on the garden fence to minimise the wobble, and could make out a yellow dot with definite 'wings'. I haven't got my first scope yet so have never seen Saturn with anything other than the naked eye, and I must admit to getting rather giddy at the view, even through bins.
  6. Ah yes, thanks, I'm already a commited stellarium user, learnt a load of stuff from it already. I'm really impressed that such a useful tool is completely free. I've had a quick peek at The Astronomy Centre, looks great, will be sure to nip over to Todmorden when I can. Thanks.
  7. Thanks guys, I was thinking the bigger aperture was the best way to go, but was distracted by the shiny extras. Cheers for the advice.
  8. Hi everyone, I'm one of the many that seem to have been spurred into action by the BBC, been out as much as possible with binoculars and now looking to take the plunge with a scope. Here's to many a shivery night under the skies. Paddy.
  9. Hi, I was wondering if I could pick your collective brains? I'm looking at getting my first scope, and have been offered a used Meade ETX90 with autostar, along with a Celestron Neximage solar system imager, plus a couple of Celestron eyepieces and a barlow lens - £300 for the lot. Is this a good deal? I had more or less fixed my sights on a Celestron SLT 127 from FLO, and planetary viewing is my main interest (at least at first - no doubt I'll be after a big dob in the long run). Obviously there's a chunk of difference in aperture between the Meade and Celestron, but looking at reviews etc. it seems the Meade may have better optics (and has a few extra things thrown in). Can anyone offer any views or advice on which may be the better option? Thanks.
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