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  1. Has anyone managed to get this feature working in the latest (v6.19) version of MaximDL? I have an api key and I have filled in the fields in the relevant dialog boxes in Properties but all of the weather fields say data N/A. Anyone any idea where I might have gone wrong? Thanks Bill
  2. Hi Andreas Many thanks. Bill
  3. I have a ZWO 183MM Pro and the 8-position filter wheel and I can get focus with the OVL FF and room to spare. Bill
  4. I have a ZWO ASI183mm Pro as an imaging camera, guided by a ZWO ASI120. I’m thinking of buying a third ZWO camera to use for dual imaging. The ZWO Ascom driver allows for two cameras, ASI(1) and ASI(2). I use MaximDL for image acquisition and guiding. If I start an additional instance of maxim, will I be able to add this third ZWO camera? Does the driver support this? Is anyone else using three ZWO cameras at the same time? If so, how? Thanks Bill
  5. Hi guys, Thanks for all your responses. This is the clip in question: I have a 3d printer so was looking to print one off. As a Scot who has lived in Yorkshire for most of my life, I'm very reluctant to spend £18 on a tiny bit of plastic that should have been included with the camera in the first place. I've tried Bern but he does not have the file, as he now sells the clip! I'll keep looking. Ta. Bill
  6. Hi Does anyone have the STL file for this? I know that QHY did make this available for download but I can be darned if I can find it now. Thanks Bill
  7. Does anyone have the .STL file for the cable retainer? Qhy did make the file available but I can no longer find it on their site.
  8. I have tried a different power cable but I’ll see if I can open up the dc201 and check for dry joints. Ta
  9. Hi Louise I've tried three different laptops and different cable combinations but with the same result. I will post on qhy forum but thought I’d get a quicker response here. Thanks Bill
  10. Hi, Can anyone help me with this? My QHY8L has suddenly developed a problem where all images have a weird pattern (see attached). No matter if I point it directly at a bright light source, the max ADU value never gets above approx. 30,000, even if I boost the Gain/Offset. It has worked flawlessly at Gain 7, Offset 114 ever since I bought it but has now developed this problem. I have never seen this waterfall pattern before. Has anyone seen this before? Could it be the power supply or the camera itself? Any help very much appreciated. Thanks Bill CCD Image 2.fit
  11. See my reply to your other post in Mounts. That might help. Bill
  12. I presume you are using NexRemote to connect your PC to your mount? If so, after you start NexRemote, right-click on the PC handset and select "Settings".This will display the handset settings (see attached image). In the top COM port box, select a vacant COM port - you have probably already done tis if you have managed to get the mount to respond. The settings also allow the PC handset to create another virtual COM port. So, in the lower COM port box, choose an available vacant COM port, then click "OK" In Stellarium, set up your scope as normal but choose this virtual port as your COM port. Now you can control your mount either by the PC handset or from Stellarium. The only caveat is that the handset on the mount is effectively disabled, all except for slewing and slew rate control. Cheers Bill
  13. Hi guys, As the title says, I'm having a heap of trouble getting our Astro Soc's LX200gps to connect to MaximDL 5.24. I have downloaded and tried all of the drivers from Ascom: 1. Meade LX200GPS and LX200R (combined telescope/focuser, 5.0.0): This prompts an error from Maxim along the lines of "... the telescope returned the error" 2. Meade LX200 Classic and Autostar #494, #495, and #497 (combined telescope/focuser, 5.0.4): Same error as 1. above. 3. Generic LX-200 (5.0.1): This actually works and does basic gotos. Now, 3. above indicates that the hardware is working ok (we can also get Stellarium to work ok) but without the correct driver, we are missing out on many of Maxim's additional functions. Any assistance, help or suggestion will be very welcome. Thanks Bill
  14. Yes, your theory is sound. I have done much the same thing and it works fine. The only thing you need to be aware of is that your OTA needs to remain in the same position. If you rotate the OTA, you are, in effect, rotating the camera. A convenient and repeatable position for the camera is to have it centred directly over your mount when it is in its parked position (this also has the effect of minimising the weight of the camera on your mount). I trust this helps. Bill
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