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  1. You would see the same magnification but the border of the image will be cropped off.
  2. A 35mm lens is always a 35mm lens. If you put it on a crop sensor canon camera it would give you a smaller field of view. It would not be any more/less zoomed so you would call it 35mm whatever camera you have it on.
  3. Would I not lose the magnification from the eye piece then? When I used it mounted on the low quality 2x Barlow the image I saw of Jupiter was tiny. Mounted directly on the scope I assume it would be even smaller still. Would it not be pixelated to hell by the time it was blown up to a size with any detail?
  4. Does a 127 mak scope have a much greater degree of magnification than a 130p using the same eyepieces? If so... How much more?
  5. I had a look at Venus last night at 10mm on my 130p. 650mm length. Not sure what mag that is. I could make out the crescent on one side. I'm trying to get hold of a filter to cut down the glare. Also I had my best view of Jupiter so far at around 18:00. 4 moons all spread out on one side. Fantastic. I want better EPs now.
  6. I'm think I'm going to have to be swayed by the camera mount issue. I can't mount my Eos600D directly on the scope as it doesn't focus. It does with a barlow but with my cheap barlow the image was horrendous.
  7. more of a lens distortion then... stretching towards the edges
  8. can you mount a camera on them? and could you possibly just explain edge correction? Is that how blurred you get the further from centre of the field of view? Or like chromatic aberration? (which i understand)
  9. Just another quick question.. First Light Optics - Cheshire Collimating Eyepiece Is this the ONLY thing need to collimate my scope? About time I learned how really.
  10. I'm going to order a 24mm and (probably) an 8mm tonight. Pretty much replacing what I have with better. Looks like stocks on filters are drained so will investigate more on that front later. Let me know how you get on with yours Malcspring.
  11. Had my first look at mars the other night and wondered what kind of magnification you would need to see it with any detail.
  12. I've got the same eyepiece set with my skywatcher 130p. The Barlow is the worst piece in the kit. It turns any view into to blurred mush. I would advise trying to manage without it.
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