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  1. hi andy welcome to the lounge
  2. hi and welcome to sgl im 48 i'll just pop and order me coffin
  3. hi and welcome to sgl
  4. coxy63


    coincidence 21-00pm eclipse sky tv goes down
  5. coxy63

    Hi all :-)

    huan ying to sgl honkit
  6. coxy63


    hi batman welcome to sgl
  7. coxy63

    hello !

    hi & welcome to sgl
  8. coxy63

    Hello from Endor

    hello & welcome to sgl
  9. dear inksmithy when's the best time to pick your bridge for sale up and would cash payment be ok
  10. coxy63;anybody got one of these that there absolutely fed up with :D
  11. very innovative well done b&q & wickes are gonna be busy
  12. coxy63

    Hello everyone

    hi dave welcome to sgl
  13. hi vicky try this link http://www.cloudynights.com/ubbthreads/attachments/944499-Alt-AZ_Setting_Circle.pdf
  14. morning all, a little bit of advice required please my father recently gave me a set of binoviewer's with a pair of 10mm eyepiece's for my 8" dob unfortunately i cannot down focus enough to see an image is there anything else i need to acheive focus with these thank's mick
  15. morning all, i have been given a set of binoviewer's by my father for my 8" dob unfortunately i cannot down focus enough to see anything through them has anyone any advice on how to cure this problem thank's mick
  16. coxy63


    Evening all,my pop's has given me a set of binoveiwer's unfortunately i cannot down focus enough to view anything through them can anybody give me any advice on how to cure this please.im using them on a 8"dob
  17. coxy63

    New from Majorca

    hi mario welcome to sgl
  18. coxy63

    hi sgl

    hi & welcome to sgl
  19. coxy63

    Hello from Texas!

    hello & welcome tayce
  20. coxy63


    hello & welcome ray
  21. coxy63

    Hi There!

    hi & welcome to sgl
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