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  1. Ok, so I've been doing my homework and found 2 telescopes that look not only ok for beginners but also a good piece of kit and a good investment. However, I would really value advice/tips/etc from your good selves. Also, am gonna get myself some books from local library today. My budget is £200 max, no more. Skywatcher Explorer 130M and Skywatcher Skyhawk 1145P telescopes and whether these would be good worth while investments for the beginner star gazer. Wont be buying straight away without doing my own research. Thanks John though when I do buy my telescope I don't think I'll be wanting to sell it for a good while. James, what do you mean by parabolic? And are scopes better with or without a motor? I don't know hence asking advice. Ok but what does parabolic mean? Not sure I'll be taking photos with it? Ok, James I know nothing about telescopes so if someone could explain what parabilic means, I wouldn't feel like a complete divy lol. Also I do not know if I will use it to take images of stars/planets etc and after investing a large amount of money I wont be selling. Scouse 123 am not sure about second hand purchases, especially with a piece of kit like a telescope.
  2. Am hoping you can offer some advice, I came across this site while looking for local Astronomy Societies/Clubs. I want to get into stargazing, looking at the moon and eventually the planets, galaxies etc. I've always been interested in space, the stars and planets and last night we had a really clear night and the amount of stars in the sky was awesome. I live in Bonnybridge, Central Scotland and know lots of places where its really dark to look at a clear sky and would like to know the best telescopes for the beginner star gazer. Now the important part, the budget, I don't have an awful lot of money to spend, £200 is about the maximum I can stretch to. I know what your saying, you can't get a decent telescope under £200 but am hopefully that I'll get good advice from this question and my own research. A friend suggested joining a local society/club as it would help learn about this hobby and I wondered if anyone knew of any in my area of Scotland. Am not a complete novice, I know some information about the stars and planets from watching documentaries on TV. If you all can point me in the direction of a good make/manufacturer and also offer a beginner star gazer some helpful advice that would be great.
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