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  1. HI All i have just started getting some gear together again i have spent as much as the banker would allow or atleast thats what i told her lol i have gone with the Heq5 pro and st80 as a guide scope and iam mounting my Eos 450 d on top i also have a gpusb and a hitec astro focus unit for now thats it i am looking at the 150 pds for astro photography "any thought on these scopes "???? would be handy As for now will the eos with a 100-300 lense on the heq5 guided do the job ?? i also have a 500 lense for the eos if that would be any use many thanks Andy
  2. hi i forgot to add this link the basics are: webcam pluged in to pc running phd . gpusb pluged into mount st4 port and the other end to the pc usb any movement seen via your webcam and phd is then corrected via a signal from the pc to the gpusb unit which then moves the mount . regards Andy http://www.opticstar.com/Run/Astronomy/Astro-Accessories-Imagers-Shoestring.asp?p=0_10_5_0_5
  3. hi you need to buy a gpusb unit this will plug into your st4 guide port on your mount and then from this box a usb into your pc the webcam plugs directley into the pc via a usb here is a link http://www.store.shoestringastronomy.com/gpusb.htm good luck Andy
  4. moved in at last now time for some fun just need to get all the things talking to the laptop thanks for all the comments
  5. hi yes the warm room is a big plus but was realy an after thought but it all fits in fine enough space for the Heq5 pro and my sw 200pds with an st 80 guide scope . re your post on ror i would go with a pent roof if you can much easier to convert iam no builder but i did all mine myself i had one small problem with the roof guide rails not being parallel but sorted that out know rolls on and off a treat good luck with your build amkat:icon_salut:
  6. An update on my ror . All inside painted.added a second lcd for focusing untill i get a motor focus. warm room done . holes for heq5 mount drilled . interlocking foam floor in the post. a bit of wiring . install my alarm. so i hope next week it will be ready for lift off
  7. hi these are turn buckles i got some from drews
  8. the floor plan of my ror with warm room, well just enough space for a desk and chair realy but it works and enough room for the 200pds and heq5 pro
  9. ah ah yes forgot about the base very handy for me all ready done but add the cost of a base and yes indeed a bargain but i have not gone with a pier just the heq5 legs so some saving there aswell
  10. re build time and cost This ror has taken about 6 full days so far just finishing off the inside approx 1 day more this has been done all by my self so if you get some help it will be a breeze 8x6 pent shed 12mm @ £350.00 timber from local wood yard @ £150.00 rollers on line shop £20.00 for 6 heavy grade roof felt £30.00 1 roll guide rails for rollers from drews 8 ft x 4 @ £8.00 each turn buckles x4 from drews £ £2.50 each screw fix gold screws various sizes £20.00 2 post holders to bolt down on concreate base £10.00 wood treatment 1 tin £15.00 homebase 1 tin black paint for the inside £15.00 electrician friend to wire it up @ £ 3 pints of beer So all done for less than £700.00 + blisters + bad back + one hammer hit to the thumb but well worth it and cheaper than buying ready made . cheers Andy
  11. Thanks for all the comments All the outside is finished Time to start the internal wiring and fixing .
  12. Another update pic All the out side work is done all i need to do is give it a coat of wood treatment .
  13. thanks its been a long time in the planning and all my own work where are all your mates when you start a bit of diy not a good time to start a project during any holiday time and i know next time they come round it will be why did you not give me a call lol
  14. hi all a few pics to update after todays work the roof is on and rolling off to get some t n g to finish it of tomorrow and a hunt round for some rails to kep the rollers in place
  15. oxfordshire Tiny village no shops or street lamps about 12 houses in all lucky to have 120 ft garden backing onto farmland so my seeing is pretty good
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