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  1. One other thing, I've noticed a EQ5 mounted 200p Newtonian for sale locally £250.. So £485 for WiFi mount Mak, or the above?
  2. Regards the imaging side of things, moon would be the main focus of my attention, then milkyway and wide star trail pictures. I'm not so nieve to think/want pictures like hubble takes of nebula.
  3. LOL, the other half is not a problem, John we've just moved house and I've let her buy pretty much everthing she want's. So I can spend what I want, but I'm setting a personal maximum limit of approx. £500, but thats for scope (new or used) plus additional things depending on the scope I buy. I think the Mak might suit me better though, plus I've just seen the 127 AZ GTi WiFi mount version.... with app control, now that sounds right up my street. Don't forget I'm only a beginner casual observer, I love the moon, it completely captivates me, and I am determind to get a nice picture of Saturn at some point (somehow)
  4. Probably the GoTo John, or should I be looking at an EQ something?
  5. Hi all, This is a which do people think would be best for me question. I've tried a few different scopes over the past years but not quite got it right yet. So, for moon, solar system, and some the other easier to find objects. Ease of use. Dslr & webcam connectivity. And overall enjoyment. Which one of the two would fit the bill, or should I be looking at something else? Thanks for any replies.
  6. Honestly, viewing is the priority, but to be able to attach my DLSR Nikon and try a few moon and planet shots would be nice.
  7. Unfortunately young Jedi, I live miles away from anywhere on the Yorkshire coast, no shops within 100 miles. The £200 is a self imposed limit, as the scope is for occasional use, I've been using an Astromaster 70AZ for years, I bought the Dob after some research, but it wasn't right for me. So back to square one, I could spend more but as mentioned, you have to have a cutoff point.... £300 is fine, but there always seems to be that "if you spend more more", I could sell my motorbike and buy a £5000 scope, but there's always a better one. D'you know what I mean
  8. As has been posted hundreds of times on many forums, it's a bit of a mine field picking the right scope for the money you have. I've been trawling though this and other forums for the last couple of weeks, so I don't make the same mistake as with the Dob. I think I might just ring the shop I bought my Dob from and tell them I have X amount of money, and what I want to do, and buy what they suggest. Probably the best way really, D'you think?? Thanks again, for the replies
  9. That's the one John, I'm confused now as the Bresser website says it's good for photography. The Dob was to big move around, plus there were other things I disliked. So I sold it. Regards my next scope, it's primarily for viewing, but I would like to be able to take the odd moon, planet or Milky Way picture with it. Nothing heavy, just to have a go. My other thought was a Skywatcher 130P or I could just about stretch to a 150PL... But I always like to be different hence the Bresser Pluto. Thanks for the replies chaps.... It's appreciated
  10. Hi all, I'm a casual stargazer of moon, planets and the more common objects out there. I had Skywatcher 200P Dob, for a short while, but sold it as wasn't practical to move around, and no good for DSLR. I like the look of the Bresser Pluto 114/500, to me it looks like this scope will fit my needs better, sub £200, sturdy EQ mount, easy to use, DSLR/webcam capable. After a bit of Googling there's not many reviews, has anyone any opinions? Thanks Simon
  11. I've been waiting weeks to see Saturn, finally a clear night tonight outside my house. It's the first time I have ever seen it and have to say how beautiful it is, if it wasn't for my numb, freezing bum, I'd still be sat on the wall outside looking at it now! I tried to use the webcam I bought to take a pic, but couldn't get an image, so desperate was I to record my first ever sighting I use my digital camera held to the eye piece. It's completely naff in the grand scheme of things, but it's a momento if nothing else
  12. Flashed Webcam, adapter and IR/UV filter arrived today, It's installed and recognised on the laptop as the SNC900 etc... I've downloaded Stellarium, AVIStack, Sharpcap and Faststone all after searching and reading posts on here And I have bought a Philips star wheel gizmo thing. So... How do use it all together with the standard Astromaster AZ70 to take a picture of the moon or the one star we've learned so far... Sirius? I have searched on here but couldn't find anything similar to what we have done, a link to a post would be nice, if anyone knows? Thanks Simon
  13. I've also just got one of these scopes, and was wondering what levels of detail I should be expeting to see out of it. Once I've learned where some of the more interesting things are to point it, will it give good results? I've mentioned before in the introducing threads that this scope was bought for me and my son by my father. Thanks Simon
  14. Oh... after some careful consideration and reading a view posts on here, I'm going to buy a webcam to take pictures with the telescope, it will be the better option financially and limitedknowledge...ially. There is a lot of positive posts about a Philips 880 something, and a cracking link to someone on ebay selling an all in one solution.
  15. Hi Andy, I do know about the Astronomical Society, I have been meaning to go, but the nights have fallen at times when my son is at Cubs so we haven't made it. I see the next meeting is March 4th, I will try to make it to this one. That's the main reason I've joined this forum as I'm pretty much going to have to figure things out for myself. This forum seems vast, and there will be the answers I need in here somewhere. I haven't looked around it fully yet.
  16. "centre of the universe" Not sure about that, is more armpit of the Yorkshire Coast.
  17. thanks for the welcome. Looking at the weather report for round my way, the skies should be clear tonight and tomorrow. So thermos and thermals at the ready.
  18. Hi all, joined the forum so I can pick up some tips, as my father bought my son (9) a Celestron Astromaster70 for xmas, so far we've been looking at the moon and some of the brighter stars... we were gobsmacked..... (thats the polite term) when we found Saturn, all these years I thought that bright point above my house was a star. we could just make out its rings too. (appreciate that is probably really lame to you all on here... but I felt really humbled when I found out what it is) This has spurred me into wanting to know more about whats up there and so I can teach my son. I've been wanting a new camera for a while, now I have decided to get a DSLR so i can use it on the telescope to hopefully get a few nice shots of the moon.. Are there any Scarborians on here? if so can you recommend other places than Olivers Mount, as that's where we have been going to view the stars. Thanks all Simon
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