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  1. Don't worry about that...if you could make cost of shipping prepay,, the freight cost will be also very very low.. Because I'm doing internation business, so I know it how to save the cost for the foreigner friends.. Johnson
  2. sandra_an


    ni hao Aaron Warm welcome for you.. Johnson from shenzhen in China
  3. ni hao John, Welcome. I'm also a new comer Johnson
  4. Thanks for your welcome,,,,Gentleman.
  5. Hi darth.. Nice to contact with you. My name is Johnson [removed word] from shenzhen in China... I suggest you could buy telescope from China. As some famous brand astronomic telescope in EU, like sky-watcher was produced in China..and the price is lower here than UK, You could have a try,, maybe the price will be very good but you could get much better quality item. Johnson
  6. My name is Johnson [removed word]. I'm from shenzhen in China. I'm doing internation business now. Recently I'm interested in astronomy, as I has entered into the field of astronomic telescope. Luckily I found this good forum about astronomy.. I sincerely hope to make some good friends here and communication with any gentleman. MSN: wangfeb28@hotmail.com
  7. Welcome Dean,,, And welcome me pls,, it's my first time to come here and first time to reply.. Johnson
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