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  1. For those who have seen my previous thread http://stargazerslou...1-ag8-stl1100m/, I mentionned that I wasn't happy with the stars shapes... Therefore I started all over again: removing the primary mirror cell to apply the Catseye HotSpot, and to check the mirror (I was told optics could been slighlty pinched). Put it everything back together and collimated the scope once again. I think there is a major improvement in the overall quality of the image, at least CCDInspector says so... The mid attachement is the first attempt. Two others are the new version: 4h30 light (10 min subs) + 20 min per
  2. Thanks for your kind words. @rfdesigner: As you mentionned, AG8 has got a corrector that should deliver a 45mm flat field, but I can assure you that collimation is not really a "simple fix": since it is a f3.8, it is very sensible to collimation errors: I spent hours litterally with the CATSEYE tools to get as close as I could get to the perfect collimation. @ollypenrice: I live at +- 5Km from the international airport of Brussels, "working against Light Polution" is thus the least you can say. In order to get some advices, I sent a mail to John @ OOUK to ask him what I could do to get round s
  3. Some problems with elongated stars on the corners and collimation Comments are welcome Thanks for watching. OOUK - AG8 SBIG STL-11000M 18 x 600s L 10 x 1200s HA 15 x 600s RGB Processing with PixInsight
  4. No you won't, but order it if you want to get the best out of your scope.
  5. Zedds, Usually I take more than 3 to 5 darks, but I do it during day: setup the correct temp, and take darks. Then I don't care to spend hours taking it. My goal at night is to take as much light as I can, not dark ;-)
  6. Hi Zed, I don't understand why taking so much dark? You need to take your darks with the same exposure time and same temperature, but 5 or even 3 would be enough: hot pixels are not random, and 3 is enough to compute a median. This would leave you much more time to take light... About the flats, they must be taken with exactly the same image train (no rotation, same filter, ...). Max value in the flats' histogram should be 75% (that is 3/4). Also note that you can take dark for the flats. Hope this helps.
  7. Hi AlwaysGoodSky, I suggest you use EQAlign in order to align your mount, don't know if it works with a DSLR, but it does with a webcam. It perform the drift method to align precisely your mount, and it is free. Anyway, nice first attempt!
  8. I reprocessed a bit, removing the gradient (thanks for the tip Pete ), it allows to reveal faint dust cloud in the upper-right corner... About the framing Moon Monkey, the idea is to make a mosaic and to go to M42... Hope one day I'll be able to take the other frames... Thanks for looking.
  9. Thanks for your kind messages. Here is crop of the full size image.
  10. I spend 5 nights by -10°C outside to get this result, but I am happy I did it. Hope you like it Orion Optics AG8 HEQ5-Pro SBIG STL 11K 20x10 min Ha 8x10 min RGB Processed with PixInsight
  11. Tom, I like the huge cold blue Rigel on your pic, the witch is starring at it and seems afraid as if she saw a ghost or something. The composition and result are very nice. Great job.
  12. BernieD


    I did a last process using HDRWavelet, the core is now reduced and the details more visible....
  13. Hi Coco, I was imaging M31 as well this weekend (I posted the image in the forum). The only thing I would say is: you need more light, the image is still noisy... I did it 24x10 min. Otherwise, everything seems to be perfect with your setup, and I am impressed by the field of view you get with your cam! Cheers
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