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  1. Here's a few shots taken 4 April. Took a while to get around to processing these: All done with the 150 Mak and the ZWO120MM after a session removing large dust bunnies from behind the camera's optical window. I'm scrupulous with the kit. How do they get there? Happy Easter everyone. Ash.
  2. Processing on this mosaic came together more quickly than anticipated, so here it is: Skymax 150 Pro and ZWO120MM. AVX performed well. About 25 panes (went a little conservative on the overlaps), 400 frames each, Registax and PS tweaks as usual. TIFF file is a monster! First stitch attempt had a small rectangle missing at the bottom of the Sea of Tranquility - so there's about 3 extra panes added to make sure the hole was filled in! Ash.
  3. Some pretty good seeing last night. Still working up a mosaic, so in the meantime here's a shot of Mare Nectaris to be going on with... The "in orbit" orientation sort of appeals somehow. Skymax 150 and ZWO120MM. Single pane, 400 frames, Registax and PS tweaks. Ash.
  4. Thanks Philip - Just tried a .jpg from iOS on a Mac and I don't see the thumbnail, just the link to the attachment. I'll think I'll stick to Windows.
  5. Thanks Mark. Gave it a go in edit - didn't work. Just tried it in Windows with another version of same. Now I can see the image thumbnail in the upload box with the "insert +". Is it an iOS issue perhaps?
  6. OK. Going to sound like a total newb now, but when I select “insert in post” why do I only see the attachment link and not the image? Clearly been away too long!
  7. This is the first one in a long time. I wonder what the catalyst was? ED80 and ZWO120, bit of Registax and PS. (Edit - managed to get the image to appear here now.) 2 panes of 500 frames each with ND96 moon filter on ZWO120MM. Stay safe and well everyone. Ash.
  8. Took a while to get around to processing these. Mosaic of 4 panes, each 500 frames in Sharpcap2.9 and processed in Registax6. ED80Pro with ZWO120MM, red filtered. Seeing had deteriorated from earlier in the month. Uploaded the .JPG as the .TIF is a biggy. Thanks for looking. Clear skies!
  9. As part of my session from Sunday 02 April, I finally got around to trying some lunar shots with the ED80Pro and a "bought a while ago at IAF but barely seen the light of day (or night)" 2.5x Celestron Luminos 2" barlow. Now, as a combo it doesn't seem to get in quite as close as the 150 Mak, and perhaps it's a bit softer on detail in good seeing, but I don't think it's too bad for a little 80mm 'scope, and easier to focus. Shot below taken using the ZWO ASI120MM, red filtered. 500 frames in Sharpcap2.9 and run through Registax 6: (Got to say the Celestron barlow is a thing of ma
  10. Great shots. Love the big mosaic at full size. Has that "in orbit" feel to it...
  11. Nice to be back. 2 pane mosaic from this evening. ZWO ASI120MM (Red filtered) & ED80Pro on new AVX mount:
  12. Great shots. Excellent detail and exposure control.
  13. It's been so long since I managed to get a half-decent session in. Rusty. Anyhow, with the scope cooled a dimly-remembered set-up and alignment bagged these shots from 17 March. Seeing got steadily worse over the 2 hours. I like the way the phase picks up the fluid nature of the wrinkle ridges to the north of Pitatus in Mare Nubium. The rest are "old friends" revisited. Seemed to pick out Hadley Rille pretty well too. All Skymax 150 Pro and Zwo ASI120 mono, red filtered. Enjoy. Thanks for looking.
  14. I clicked "Like this" once. Shame I can't click it again and again. Brilliant images.
  15. Thanks all. Hoping for some clear skies at the end of the week as have a few days off so no stupid-o'clock starts for work next day.
  16. Thanks for the nice comments. As for advice, nothing really that you won't find elsewhere: great for lunar work and planets, not so hot on DSO's given the focal ratio. For best results give the 150 an hour outside to cool before viewing/imaging. Bit of wobble when focussing - added a Baader steeltrack on the back to overcome this. Watch out for any number of combinations of thread size/adapters on the visual back of the 150 - they don't all come out of the factory the same, and the star diagonal is "basic". You'll need a dew shield (homemade works fine) for the corrector plate. Little if any C
  17. I managed to catch a quick hour of cloud dodging last Wednesday evening. Went out with the sole intention of getting the best possible shot of Copernicus. As you'll see below I got a bit distracted... The "Mak" bit: The seeing was iffy and the Mak had less than a hour of cool-down time, but decided to make the best of it. Having captured a few AVI's I processed them in AS!2 which gave some good results. The "tosh" bit: However, I think I need lot's more practice with Astra Image as the results from the L-R process were very noisy - couldn't seem to find a happy medium for the settings.
  18. Now that's putting a C14 to good use! Excellent detail.
  19. Fantastic images, Jarrod. Tycho and the Northern region shots particularly. On the northern region shot, it's nice to be able to see Mons Rumker poking out from the gloom. Only managed to snag it once - conditions rarely seem favourable at that phase. No clear skies here since Wednesday night, so still wading through shots from then, trying to make the best of poor seeing.
  20. Excellent image with the ED80. Pin-sharp but not over-processed. Well done! Could you let us know what capture and stacking software you used please?
  21. Thanks all. Seeing wasn't as good as it was last week but still worth a go. Long weekend coming up and the weather forecast says it will be perfect for... ...image processing..!
  22. Quickie from earlier this evening... Hopefully a few more where that came from, when I get a bit more time to process them properly...! Thanks for looking.
  23. So, encouraged by Roger's kind tutorial and having beaten the old laptop into submission, Sorry! I mean cajoled it gently into accepting some new software , here's the first AS!2 version of my Mare Humboldtianum shot that Registax left a bit "wooly": Does seem to be some improvement there. Tempted to wade back through previous AVI's and see what I get now. That's evenings next week sorted...! Thanks again, Roger!
  24. Wow! Roger that's absolutely brilliant - thanks very much indeed. I'll give it a go once I've managed to get the old laptop used to the idea...
  25. Funnily enough, I was looking at AS!2 earlier this morning and wondering if my 8-ish year old laptop would stand the strain or finally expire. I'll see if I can coax it into the download. Shame more of this software isn't written for (<looks both ways and lowers voice>) Macs. Any suggestions on initial settings welcome! Thanks Roger.
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