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  1. in the past its been difficult to view as i lived in a flat and when ever i took the scope out i would set it up but when i finished the clouds always rolled in, but ive recently moved to a house with a garden, yes the LP is still quite bad but the upside is i have bought one of those metal sheds and i have the scope already setup in there so when i get a clear minute i just bring out the scope and away i go. well thats the theory, not tried it yet but heres hoping. As for a time its usually between 10pm and 2am for me.
  2. just finished putting mine together and i love it. mind you i cant believe how heavy it is. I had it on top of the fish tank but i need to find it a new home, would hate to find my fish swiming round Jupiter. I wasnt going to get the orbiter but my wife persuaded me that both the orrery and the orbiter would look good when displayed together, well if she is happy for me to spend £6 per week fr another year then i wont complain.
  3. It wasnt anything to do with the weather but my faulty camping equipment, tent had an indoor swiming pool and my heater broke so i ended up ill with flu. Thanks for all your comments. Selling is partially due to financial reasons but looking at the scope again this afternoon im still in two minds weather to sell or not. Think im going to have to sleep on it a while before i decide.
  4. I bought my scope two years ago now while i was living in Derbyshire, but i moved to the North East over a year ago and ive not been able to use it except for Kielder (which was a dissappointment for me) I am looking to sell my setup as it frustrates me too much every time i see it knowing i cant use it (for vaious reasons mainly due to my location) no doubt i will return to the hobby and get another scope when i have moved but in this current climate it could be a while. I need to know what i should ask for the set up. Ive got a Skywatcher 150 with EQ3-2 mount.it comes with the origional eyepieces 25mm and 10mm and 2x barlow and 6 x 30 finderscope. Everyting is in mint condition. The only scratches are on the dovetail mount bar. It also comes with a Baader Skysurfer V finderscope which i found to be invaluable ,an Antares laser colimator, a star atlas, Turn Left at Orion and a Phillips Planishere. It may seem a bit severe to get rid of everything but it is neccessary, so please what price do you think i should ask for this kit?
  5. Nope it didnt turn up, mind u i would have been amazed if it had
  6. just come across this thread and i am glad to see you have gone for a reputable camping supply shop and stayed away from flea bay. We go camping a lot and a friend of ours bought a hook up lead from bay (against our advice) and after a couple of uses it caused a short and her tent caught fire, and believe me that is a fire you dont want to be caught in , everything destroyed in seconds. Too many cowboys on eBay are cutting corners and just putting a plug and socket onto some cable and calling it a hook up and unsuspecting Joe pays the price when it inevitably goes wrong. I suppose its the same with astro stuff, stay away from flea bay unless you know exactly what you are after. Sorry for the rant but im pleases to see you got sorted.
  7. Unfortunately ive got shingles at the minute so will have to give it a miss this time
  8. sorry guys, ive not had my internet for a couple of days so not been able to see whats going on. Did you go Colin, ive not had a clear night here for a while.
  9. i am in South Shields so if you decide to go i wouldnt mind joining you.
  10. just recieved an email from their customer services and they are going to send me a new planet which is painted correctly, dont know how they will do that but im not complaining, wasnt expecting a reply anyway.
  11. scratch that idea, ive just seen the Neptune part and i think they have just cocked up, sent them an email but dont expect a reply
  12. could it be that they have just got the planets in the wrong issues, ie they have sent Neptune when it should be Uranus and vice versa, just a thought.
  13. well as you can see from my photo uranus is on the far left and has horizontal banding. I hadnt thought of it when i put it togeher but you make a good point.
  14. Neptune is next to be added, got to wait a couple of weeks for all the parts. I think adding the boot polish to the base and top plates makes a huge difference, it looks better and its easier to read the markings.
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