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  1. Hi All You all are doing better that me all I am getting is a fuzzy screen no image. Some of you are saying to turn the gain up! how? any other settings should I look at? My scope is a SkyWatcher Skymax 127 SynScan AZ GOTO using a SPC 880 webcam with the firmware flashed
  2. alig46


    HI Thanks for the warm welcome to SGL. I was caught out the first night with the date but sorted that out. I have even brought my garmin sat nav to my scope and and plotted my lat and long. into the hand control from it. Would normally take Rigel or Sirius as first Star and then polaris etc I am sure it is me being a numpty rather than something wrong with the scope. I always check the scope for level. Thanks
  3. Can anyone help me? I bought a Philips SPC880 I flashed the firmware and installed the driver and tried yesterday using vlounge and wxastro worked then went out last night all I got was black HELP?
  4. alig46


    Hi There I am very new to astromony my 8 year old nows more than I will ever know, I am trying to learn. I have a 127 Skymax synscan scope. I would like a little advice on how to set it up correctly I choose the two star alignment method first star say Rigel wich i set up and then choose the second star Polaris press enter and away it goes and ends up no where near it. does anyone have any ideas? Thanks Alig46
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