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  1. Thanks for info Andy - most useful ! Apparently on the 5/6 June Venus is in transit of the Sun so I want to get some practice in before hand. I may try to photograph the projected image Andy
  2. Hi All, I have a later version of the Tal 1 reflector, and wish to do solar projection on the supplied screen. I notice that the earlier versions have a spare top tube cap with an offset hole in it (not now supplied by tal), what size is the Hole and what is the offset from centre or edge of cap?. I will probably have to make one! Do I need to use baader film over the hole or is this unneccesary for projection. Any help much appreciated Andy:)
  3. Hello Do I have to adjust settings on stellarium to accomodate British Summer Time ? , and is GMT the same as Universal time. My Stellarium takes its time off windows which automatically adjusts for Summer time. Thankyou for any help offered Andy
  4. I hope to get a barlow soon, this will give me a max of 240x mag, pushing it a bit for a small scope but I will give Mars a Try! Unfortunately I believe Mars opposition is no time soon Thanks for reply Andy
  5. I'm Spoilt for Choice ! Thanks All
  6. Thanks Bizbilder, Another gem of a resource! Andy
  7. Hello All I have read that Mars will be observable in the Early Mornings (Spring 2011). I am not quite sure when the earliest opportunity will be, and will my Tal 1 Reflector (110mm) have enough reach at 160x Magnification to see it succesfully ? Andy
  8. Many Thanks for your replies, Most Helpful Andy
  9. Hello Is there a downloadable moon map available that is inverted and labeled to match the view of a Newtonian Reflector ? (Tal 1). It would be most useful (instead of reading upside down labels !) Andy
  10. Much Better than last week, difficult concepts well explained.
  11. This is Great, I have Philips Observers guide to the Moon (Good) and this compliments it brilliantly ! Andy
  12. Thanks for reply Andy, I tried Scope every it "which-way" in near darkness and could not get it aligned for Andromeda galaxy. After your advice, I tried a dry run in daylight and positioned scope to correct RA -Dec. One of life's little mysteries! Andy
  13. Hello, I am a novice astronomer (in the Tal user group) and have a Tal 1 Scope. I have been trying out setting circles myself. After polar aligning and setting RA off Rigel (in Orion) I tried to point it at the RA / Dec settings for the Andromeda Galaxy (RA 02H 22.6M AND +42 DEG 21 M), but whichever way I rotate the scope it hits the pedestal at this setting. Is it me ?, or is this a Tal shortcoming? Andy
  14. Hi to Everyone, Can anyone recommend an Astronomy club in Northants area suitable for novices Thanks
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