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  1. ive seen the peak is about 2am, so im hiding in the warmth for a little longer, i tried about 23:30 but no luck.
  2. Absolutely crystal clear sky's here in county Durham and after the scope being a dust collector in the loft (for a good year or so) and the thought of a meteor shower, I've dusted her down and like you I was not disappointed, its reignited a long forgotten flame! sad note is i have lost alot of eyepieces (probably given away at some point), but the moon in the only eyepiece i could find (25mm) had me grinning like a big child again, i also has a hazy look at Jupiter but the moons were all on show and stunning as ever....still no meteor sighting but my wallets twitching and i think a new scopes in order! ive just ordered "Every Photon counts" so thats a good guess which route i fancy!
  3. "Until next time....Goodnight" ...*wipes a tear*...Goodnight sir Patrick...Goodnight x
  4. Axe


    I enjoyed it, however i guess my entertainment as a child in the 80's is alot different from a childs these days as my 11 year old son just said "Dad its boring put the football back on please"...the disappointment ran deep...don't worry ill trade him in for a new scope soon Its sad to see Patrick the way that he is, i wont go into it but it feels like when you visit a relative every month and each time you think "there getting worse " all in all im a S@N nut so even if Rod and Emu presented it i would still tune in...i guess its just ingrained in my DNA now. Roll on next month!
  5. nothing really terrifying, but the screams coming from a neighbours bedroom was quite offputting (for the first few minutes i thought she was being beaten up lol)...to the point i woke my wife up to come and have a giggle (if you have seen porkies it was litterally like that!)....all was fine she waltzed out the next day with a spring in her step.
  6. i found if i got really 'angry' and shook mine...the bulb burst lol (and it hardly ever got reported!)
  7. i see Nasa are selling off Atlantis's Solid Rocket Booster as telescopes these days!!!
  8. haha i paused this and explained to my wife if i was allowed the cash i want to spend on a scope, thats how we would see jupiter!! great to put a name to the picture!
  9. well done...even my wife commented that the milky way picture was a beauty! (and trust me she is hard to please haha)
  10. my kids decided to have themselves an early night with a DVD....NOW GET YOURS TO DO THE SAME! lol
  11. my gran has died three times as far as my boss knows lol
  12. always good to see something different about space and the stars...as much as i love S@N its a break from the same old same.
  13. What to do in Northumberland Stargazing Live Watch out for for events happening around Northumberland in the next couple of weeks starting on the 13th of Jan at Druridge Bay - We will post as many here so keep coming back to check.''
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