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  1. Hugo67

    Hi from Devon

    Welcome from me too
  2. Great review. I was just looking at buying the Celestron EP & Filter set (it's fluctuating between £135 - £150 on Amazon at the moment!) Do you notice much of a difference with the EP's included in this set compared to the 20mm & 10mm that came with the telescope?
  3. Hugo67


    Hi Dave, and welcome. Pretty new here myself but have the same 'scope as you, we'll have to compare notes sometime!!
  4. Welcome from me too! Not long joined myself, this sight and it's members have been a revelation!! Happy star gazing!
  5. Hugo67

    We Have Contact!

    Hi, thanks BM (and everyone else) It's now day 10 with new scope and still seen nothing! I'm beginning to wonder if there's such a thing as a cloud filter!! hope it's faring better in Lancashire!!
  6. Hugo67


    I've only recently joined SGL myself Redshine and it's an amazing place to browse! Wonderful people too!!
  7. Hugo67

    We Have Contact!

    Thanks everyone, much appreciate the welcome! I think I'm going to enjoy this!!
  8. Hi All, Have just signed up to the Stargazers Lounge a week after I bought my 1st telescope! It seems like a great idea and I hope to take advantage of your expert advice as well as thoughts on the telescope I bought and where to point it! After reading a few positive reviews I plumped for the Celestron Astromaster 130EQ (which was on offer at amazon recently) which came with a CG3 Equatorial mount, a 20mm & 10mm eyepiece. I've already acquired a moon filter and have a Barlow lens on the way. All I need now is a clear sky.... I'll look forward to being part of it all!
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