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  1. Thanks for the comments...means a lot!.. I am constantly amazed and inspired by what you all can see through scopes, some jaw dropping imagery in your posts for sure!... I'd love to come to one of your events and take a look one day... and maybe create some art live for you all, I travel all over the country mostly to festivals and fairs and demonstrate my art.
  2. Hi Nibor... thanks!... they are spray can paint on poster board this artform is known as aerosolgrafia... the top 4 are 16 x 20 inches... and the last one is 11 x 14 inches. cheers.
  3. A few of my recent paintings...
  4. Thought i'd show you this painting... inspired by your forum.
  5. These images never stop blowing me away! WOW!!!
  6. Just wondering if theres any Astronomy events or fairs across the U.K.. I'd love to come to one and see what you guys get up to and gain some inspiration for my artwork... cheers:cool:
  7. WOW!!! Thanks all... great feedback... errrrrr ok where do i start... "Rusty springs" Yep the stars are from a spray can... "Todd8137 and Teddy" Yes they are for sale... didn't want to put a blatant link on here. I'll P.M you link... Again many thanks for your kind words all... If o.k i'll post up my new work here for your gaze!!! Cheers all.
  8. Thought I'd show you some of my spray can artwork... I'm gobsmacked at your telescope images... Hope this is o.k... THANKS!!!
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