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  1. yes i was edging towards the 350d but to no someone that has used it and then gave a verdict has helped, thank you regards
  2. well im only a kid so im getting a second hand one but the budget is £170 regards
  3. hi guys for a while now i have been really interested in digital SLR's for astrophotography. i have been looking all over for beginner DLSR's and have came to a decision and narrowed the choice down to three cameras. reviews say they are very user friendly and are good for beginners... like me. the cameras are: nikon d50, canon eos 350d and the canon eos 10d, which one has the better specifications and is better at general astrophotography. regards
  4. thanks for the reply and i have used the dob tube on the eq3-2 and its fairly sturdy so i think i will be able to adapt to the scope, i will look into the eq5 but i think i will stick to the eq3-2 synscan
  5. hi all, ive had a 6inch dobsonian now for around half a year. i am enjoying the scope a lot and what you can see with it. but the fork mount can be a problem sometimes and since i cant do any astro-photography on it because it is not motor driven i thought of upgrading the mount but keep the scope. i was thinking of the eq3-2 deluxe synscan mount. both my friends have the eq3-2 and i have been very pleased with its sturdiness and ease of use. that is at the top end of my budget. is it a good mount and would you say it is a good upgrade? regards
  6. again thank you. one of my friends has a nikon and i used it on my telescope at a astronomy night. he seemed to detach the lens and then screw the body onto the direct slr connection on the 1.25" focuser without a t -ring. since i have used his and been very impressed with the results i might think of getting a nikon d50, but could consider getting the canon eos 300d from its great feedback from a previous thread i made. regards max
  7. thanks, thats great help. my telescope has already got a direct SLR connection (built on adapter ring) so i will not need to get that. with a 15 sec exposure, will you be able to capture some deep sky objects ? regards max
  8. Hi all looking at many pictures through stargazers lounge and Google images, i was wondering how to get the best pictures through using a DSLR. is it all to do with stacking on registax and other software or is it to do with exposures and shutter speeds. i have registax 5 and i don't really know how to use it. i understand that you can upload video files and stack the frames but can you stack single images together and how since my telescope is without a motor drive. please could you help since i am getting a DSLR this month. regards max
  9. funnily enough, my friends have the skywatcher explorer 150p and skywatcher skymax 127mm. thses skopes are excellent quality but i have to say using and looking through both the skywatcher skymax 127mm is the best out of the 3. since it has a descent aperture and the best focal length out of th three it allows you get incredible images of the moon and planets. also deep sky objects such as clusters are excellent due to its focal length. hope this helps max
  10. i will be piggyback mounting on the tube mounting rings and it will be tracking by a dual axis motor.
  11. hi guys, i am thinking of buying a canon eos 300d, i was wondering if anybody has used this and if it is any good. also has it got a descent exposure time and can you leave the shutter open for long amounts of time. and also can you get good images of galaxies, nebulae, clusters and general deep sky objects whilst piggyback mounting ? cheers
  12. thank you to everyone that replied. it has been a massive help. me and my dad collimated the primary mirror, but without using a collimator and now the mirror seems to be aligned perfectly with the second mirror. if this still doesnt help, i know a friend who has a collimator and i will fix it with him. all i need to do now is wait for clear skies and hope for the best that the double image has improved or gone away. thanks for your help. regards
  13. thank you for the reply. that has helped and the scope i am using at the moment is a skywatcher skyliner 150p (6 inch dobsonian)
  14. hi all i have been looking for a while and have came to the conclusion that i would like to buy either a 2" Kellner EP or a the skywatcher 7-21mm zoom EP. i have never used these eyepieces before so what are your opinions on these eyepieces. they are both roughly around the same price so which one would give me the best optics. regards
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