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  1. Flask of tea and chocolate of any description for me.
  2. Welcome to SGL and hope some of that quality gear starts getting some use soon.
  3. Welcome to SGL. In regards of a camera, I have a 1000d following a review I read in Sky at Night magazine probably around a year ago. I have been very impressed with the images that are possible with it and I am using it unmodded.
  4. Looks like a good start and once you have your focusing sorted future shots will be great.
  5. On my Evostar 120 I have two screws on the top of the tube rings that my 1000d screws down onto. Do your tuberings have these?
  6. A 8" SW Skyliner dobsonian for deep sky observing and a SW Evostar 120 for planetary/lunar and about to start using this for learning astrophotography
  7. Great pic for such short exposures. I'm just looking to get into astrophotography and was under the assumption that long exposures were required but it seems not always.
  8. Great views of Clavius last night with the two craters within its basin. Only recently have I started to look at the moon in any detail and last night was the best view I have had so far. Plus, my first viewing of Saturn this year along with 3 moons and the ring visible across the face and the shadow cast by the rear of the planet on the rings passing behind.
  9. Lovely image.....I have the MN190 on my wishlist once I've sussed out the basics of astrophotography
  10. Welcome to SGL from myself a little further south in Scarborough
  11. Hi Katie and welcome to SGL
  12. AndyExton

    Hi from hull

    Hi Andrew and welcome to SGL from myself in Scarborough
  13. Well worth a day out....something for all the family. Just wish I lived closer rather than 3 hours away.
  14. Thank you for the info guys. I'm having no problems with achieving focus with either scope so will just stay with the standard r&p focuser. Andy
  15. I have a skywatcher 8" skyliner dob and a shywatcher evostar 120. I have seen crayford focusers available for these models. Is it worth upgrading the standard focusers? What are the advantages / disadvantages of a crayford focuser as I know nothing about them? Andy
  16. Thank you for the info Peter....that has helped me alot so I now know what I'm looking for. Andy
  17. I have another question sort of related to this. I have an EQ5 mount and wish to motorise the mount. Will adding dual drive axis allow me to connect to a laptop so I can use packages such as starry night / stellarium to slew to an object or if not, what other hardware do I require. Would I just be best off purchasing a goto upgrade? Are the skywatcher goto upgrades all the same....i.e. the same package will upgrade eq5, heq5 and eq6?
  18. What I great book I have found this to be. I had a copy given to me by a fellow society member and it has definately helped me to see many of the non-naked eye messiers and also several ngc's. It has helped me to identify where these objects are so now I can find many of them without having to refer to a starchart.
  19. Welcome to SGL Holderness. I'm a little further north in Scarborough.
  20. Even if the weather is pretty grim we give a virtual tour of the night sky in the centre so the evening is not spoilt. We have 2 more public observing nights before the summer break so feel free to come along to Dalby if you are free - 8pm starts. Andy
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