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  1. Yes I can confirm a small number of pitches remain for August Bank Holiday weekend in Dalby.
  2. For those who have already booked. Passes and hogroast tickets have now gone out in the post. There are still a small number of pitches remaining for anyone who has yet to book.
  3. Comet Jacques will be ideally placed throughout Starfest close to the 'W' of Cassiopeia. Yes last years' morning twilight observers managed Taurus so possibly a chance of a sight of Orion just before dawn (will have to check out my software though to confirm).
  4. These will be getting sent out early next week. We are collecting the passes today from the Forestry Commission.
  5. Hi Nick and welcome to SGL and Yorkshire.
  6. Yes know the feeling Kev. Looked so promising through to early evening then any hope of a spot of observing soon disappeared into the fret and my view from town looking towards Staxton
  7. We have had a re-jig of the site plan after selling those available and have been able to include a few extra pitches. As it stands we now have 8 pitches remaining so once these have gone the event will be sold out.
  8. Hi Michael. Yes still a few pitches remaining. Bookings coming in daily one or two at a time but sure you will get a pitch if posting today. See you in August.
  9. Hi Adam. Yes still a few pitches remaining. We are now into single figures so send on your booking form from website and we will get you booked in. Look forward to meeting you in August
  10. OK Jules. You should get a booking confirmation within a few days of receipt. Only 14 pitches remaining so we advise anyone else thinking of coming along to book soon as we expect the rest of these to go in the next few weeks.
  11. Hi Ian. Will be good to see you again. I will have to check out your upgrades as I would love to see us add encoders to our society 16" Lightbridge.
  12. Hi Billy and welcome to SGL from another North Yorkshire based astronomer but on the east coast. Our annual Dalby Forest star camp on the southern edge of the North York Moors National Park that is held each August (this year on the bank holiday weekend) may well be of interest to you and your fellow stargazing friends. We have a few pitches still available. Details at http://www.scarborough-ryedale-as.org.uk/saras/starfest/starfest-2014/. It is attended by many astronomers, especially from across the north.
  13. I'll be venturing across from the coast for the day Steve, probably along with a few more from SARAS.
  14. Hi Matt and welcome to SGL. They are a friendly bunch up at SAS so recommend you going along. Several of their members make the annual trip south to join us at the Dalby Forest star camp each August.
  15. Welcome to SGL from the Yorkshire coast.
  16. Hi Gary and welcome to SGL from the Yorkshire coast.
  17. I had the up to date booking figures sent to me last night and nearly 75% of the pitches are booked so I would advise booking very soon.
  18. Hi Jules. Yes it is a flat charge for the weekend. We have people who don't stay the Sunday as they have to be back at work for the weekend etc. and the charge goes towards the weekend expenditure of toilets, forest toll passes, marquee and field hire.
  19. Hi Mark. You should receive some confirmation within a few days of booking. Look forward to meeting you in August.
  20. Welcome Adam from the Yorkshire coast. As I have seen earlier someone has already suggested the August star camp to you earlier that we organise under one of the darkest skies in the country and well attended by many astronomers from across the country especially from up north.
  21. Hi Mark. Yes places still available if cleared with the wife. Normal to see leisure batteries rolling up for the weekend in car boots as much longer operation than the power tanks.
  22. Hi Mick and welcome to SGL from a little further down the east coast. Check out your local astronomical society. We have several regular attendees to our annual August star camps in Dalby Forest from Sunderland AS and Cleveland & Darlington AS. Very knowledgeable individuals who will help you get started in the hobby and for any assistance.
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