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  1. Hi I am looking at various options for power packs/tanks to drive a GO-TO scope mount. and was wondering if anyone had ever used a golf trolley battery? The battery is a Panasonic 12V 21Ah and would only be used to drive a EQ-5 PRO with max current draw of approximately 2A, no heaters or inverters and normal observing sessions from me are only a few hours.....seems like it will do the job nicely with the correct connector added. Battery is obviously complete with the correct charger and is outside of the manufacturers warranty period. Any thoughts? Thanks
  2. Hi I currently have the SkyWatcher 200P on an EQ-5 mount which I am very pleased with overall. However, my time under the skies is fairly limited (not to mention the weather!) and I am now leaning towards a GO-TO mount to make the most of my time. I have been looking at the upgrade kit for the EQ-5 which looks reasonably good value for money. This mount will be used only for visual observing and not astrophotography. My question is- would it be worth spending more and purchasing the HEQ-5 PRO mount? I do not intend / foresee getting into AP for quite a while yet, and wonder if the extra expen
  3. Hi If you are unable to manually override the electric focuser to get a rough focus, how long does the motor take to drive the focuser from fully out to fully in? Also how long do the batteries last? Hopefully be getting one of these soon, I'm fed up of the post focussing wobbles! JM1311
  4. Unfortunately not! I was only there with work for one night, so only some visual naked eye observation-I would have loved to have had a scope with me that night!
  5. My first ever view of one was from Egypt last year, it covered a reasonably large area of the sky. Never seen one since
  6. Hi Well this forums is a great place to start. I would suggest purchasing a good pair of binoculars and learn the sky, whilst you gain more knowledge on the subject and the different types of telescopes on the market. Dont rush into buying a scope-could prove to be costly. JM
  7. Hi Have just received my Hyperion zoom lens, is it worth fitting the 2" nose to it? Would the advantages of the 2" over the 1.25" justify the extra cost of the larger filters? JM
  8. I received my Baader Hyerion Zoom MK III today aswell! What would be the benefits of fitting the 2" nose piece over the 1.25" one? Would the benefits warrant the extra cost of the associated bigger filters etc? JM
  9. Great find JBM-what an expensive bunch of flowers that would have been at the end! NASA press release says 'the arrival will involve the first-ever guided entry through the martian atmosphere'!! Hopefully it will return some interesting findings JM1311
  10. Hi I purchased a SW explorer 200P on the EQ-5 mount, and on the odd couple of times I have had a chance to use it, I have been blown away with what I have seen. I promise as a beginner you will not be disappointed. It is a very capable scope from what I have seen and read. Good luck JM
  11. Thanks for all your opinions, I have lost count how many times I have changed my decision today! Having spent all day pondering over the huge amount of eyepieces, I have decided to go with the Baader Hyperion zoom. It will be a huge increase in quality from the stock SW eyepieces I currently have, offer me several magnifications without the need to keep changing eyepieces and re-focussing. I'm sure over time I'll be adding to my eyepiece collection-this can be a very expensive hobby! Cheers JM
  12. The last two astro club meetings I have attended have been cancelled on the night due to the persistent cloud!! Santa is after a list at the mo-which is why I was asking other people's opinions. To me, I do change my lenses quite frequently so having the ability to quickly switch to the next magnification sounds great, I just do not want to compromise on the quality too much for the sake of convenience. JM
  13. Hi, I know this may generate many different replies, but what eyepieces would best suit the SW 200p F5? Does anyone have any good/bad experiences with eyepieces in this scope? I have had a good read in the 'stickies' section, and would like peoples opinions on the following: Baader Hyperion Zoom Lens (8-24mm) £169 Baader Hyperion Eyepieces (8mm/17mm/24mm) £92 each Celestron X-cel LX (9mm/18mm/25mm) £69 each I like the idea of the Hyperion Zoom as it combines a 8/12/16/20/24 eyepieces, is the downsides to a zoom lens to great? Would I notice significant improvements in having separate non-zoom
  14. Hello I have been using my skywatcher 200P for a little while now using the original 1.25" eyepieces supplied with it (10mm, 25mm, 2x Barlow). I am now beginning to look around for some more eyepieces, i have tried searching for a while but I can't find an answer to this question: What is the main advantage of a 2" eyepiece over a 1.25" eyepiece, and are these differences noticeable and worth the extra expense? Thanks:icon_salut: JM1311
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