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  1. Enjoyed this instalment. A lot more upbeat and informative.
  2. Was'nt what i was expecting. Seemed to go on a bit about the whole scale of time thing, nailed it ! 4 hrs too long or so it seemed. Im sure ive seen that mining town on box a few months back, deja vu. Anyway bring on the next one !im going to watch outcasts, cheer myself up. Hopefully.
  3. Ive got 5year old. The said seat will be new addition to my kit as tripod on lowest setting to allow heir to throne to see through eyepiece and back isnt what it used to be,or belly but not going there.
  4. My brothers a scuba diver, his mask had a tendacy to mist over. He would use shaving foam on a cloth then dry it with another. I use it in bathroom mirror works a treat. Not sure about optics though.
  5. Your out. Clear skies. Scope pointed and focused. Whats the next bit of equipment that gets used?:cool:I.e. Flask or seat
  6. Starflyer wow! Pic and a half. Iphone i have and the camera isnt a selling point.
  7. Troops thanks for the feedback. As im iphoned up, i plumbed for the starwalk pro. Very nice app. Cheers.
  8. Star wars got to be and another fav , sorry about this but its starship troopers ! Only the first one , the rest where really bad.
  9. Well up to now its been a fair bit of under breath swearing, as five year old heir to throne keeps nudging scope or peering through spotter while im trying to focus on at that moment is no longer anywhere where i left it. Anyway enjoyed just pointing out and naming various things to son, with naked eye.
  10. Guys! Anyone dabbled in taking a scoped photo using a mobile phone?
  11. The one game im dying to play and cant , im 360 owner , so im still stareing out window, oh look another cloud.
  12. Hi guys. Being a bog standard nooby , i was wondering if anyone had any experience with the various star map apps that are availiable for a number of smart phones?
  13. Ive always been interested in the planets and stars and dare i say it ufos, tho it was the recent bbc starwatch show that finally got me going to get a scope. The wife recons mid life crisis but i think shes happier with me having a tri pod than a blond biped,lol.
  14. Hi guys. Just started looking at skies, so hoping for good ideas and tips from your site. Ps im from Glasgow.
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