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  1. comet tuttle is about from november, from what i have read, having never seen a comet will it stand out or will it just look like a star?
  2. thanks ian but a bit beyond me i'll stick to looking for now.
  3. thanks gaz, i am going to pick up tomorrow.
  4. cheers for the replies. i shall stick to observing for now, just learn and get to know whats up there.
  5. excuse the lack of knowledge but is it possible to take pictures with a dob using a dsl and can i buy some kind of gears to move the dob?. i am buying a 10" on saturday and just wondered for the future if any of this is possible.
  6. thanks for the reply gordon. had a tasco years ago. what do you think of the magalin computer? i don't want to go down the road of the goto set up, well not yet anyway. would filters be worth the buy and if so what would you recomend as i live in a light poluted area.
  7. ok. what se up would be good? there is a 10" for sale and it has a magalin computer, which would be good for me and would filters be worth buying? cheers for the replies
  8. i know i will be able to see planets but would i be able to see any deep sky objects ie andromida or orion with a 8" or 10" dob, i have not yet purchased one just wandering what i might be able to see.
  9. thanks for your replies. i shall have a look at one of these camera tripods
  10. if you are still having a problem with alignment try if you have p.s cs3 the auto alignment layer. open both images and hold shift and select each layer to high light them select a.a.l you can then fine tune with the brush tool as a mask.
  11. what some physicists are saying now is that back holes could link us to multiple universes, that each universe is a bubble. and my question is i wonder if they will find the door way to ours as if our black hole lead us to another universe then we should eventually find the the reverse black hole linking that universe to ours.
  12. Maybe one universes Black Hole is another's Big Bang! now thats a thought
  13. i only have a canon 30d and lenses, what would be the best and cheapest way of getting started with astrophotography i have no other equipment.
  14. thanks for your comments. and hello all. no what i mean is if there are black hole that link us to other universes the other end (the other other universe) of the black hole would look different as it would not be consuming it would be throwing things out ,so on our side if the black holes are a passage way then our universe should have a black hole and a reverse black hole or what ever you would call them doing the opposite and throwing things out. hope i am making sense. john
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