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  1. Thanks for the responses, I think I will give the Revelation Astro a go.
  2. Hi I'm looking for a cheap barlow for use with a 200 Skyliner Dob. I've been trying to get hold of a TAL x2 but have been unable to find stock anywhere. Does anybody know of stock or if there is another barlow which is fairly decent for similar money. IS the skyliner one any good, the Sky at Night write-up on FLO suggests it's not too bad? Cheers
  3. I'm also set on a Skyliner 200P but been unable to find any stock for the last few weeks. The cheapest I found was Skyliner 200P Dobsonian Telescope | Telescopes | Rother Valley Optics but as with all the other UK supplier I tried (inc FLO), it is out of stock. If I wait much longer I will give in and end up going for the 250PX, but being my first scope I didn't really want to spend too much
  4. As they are based outside the UK do you know if there are any additional import charges to pay, also in terms of Warranty do you know if it would need to go back to Germany. Cheers
  5. There is currently a stock shortage of 200p everywhere I have tried, so was wondering whether to just go for a 150p, or wait it out until more stock comes along (in about a month). Is there a big difference between the two. Alteratively I could maybe go for a Skymax MAK Goto now and then add the dob at a later stage, or would a refractor and reflector better complement each other. Cheers
  6. Has anybody used www.teleskop-express.de before ?
  7. After finally deciding to bite the bullet and buy a Skyliner 200p Dob (my first scope) I can now not find any stock and there was also a price increase, so doesn’t always pay to wait.
  8. To go with a Skyliner 200 Dob, I'm I correct in thinking that I could get some ok images using a Philips SPC880 using image stacking software. Was thinking Moon and Planets. I understand that although the subject will be moving across the field of view (due to the manual non tracking mount), the software can handle this. Could the webcam also be used to view on a laptop screen instead of throught the eye piece. Thought this would be usefull to show my children as they are also becoming interested and would be easier if we could all look at the same picture at the same time. Finally, reading previous post Morgans appears to be the place to go for the webcam. I can also see that they sell a filter Cheap IR/UV Blocking Filter 1.25 inch - 48765 - discounts & offers= Is this required for use with the SPC880 or can you start without one. Cheers
  9. I have a Kindle and can see "Turn Left" is available on Amazon in that format, and was wondering if the contents are suitable. Is it mostly text or are there a lot of illustrations / photos / Colour (which will not work so well on the kindle). Cheers
  10. Any suggestions come to mind, I'm also just about to buy turn left Cheers
  11. That's £15 cheaper than FLO. Given that FLO sponsor this fine forum and will probably forego the saving and (wait for it) 'go with the flo' That said I did notice this post http://stargazerslounge.com/sponsor-announcements-offers/58539-sgl-member-discount.html which mentioned a price match policy but the link is dead. Does anybody know more on this ?
  12. Cheers, that settles it then 8" plus some left over for extra's
  13. Would that be a Skywatcher Skyliner 250PX Dobsonian (or is there a cheaper one thats any good). I would like to have the option to take it to dark sites sometimes but will possibly struggle with transporting a 10" in my car (Jaguar XJ Saloon). In terms of image quality will a 10" be vastly better than an 8". Also didn't want to spend too much on my first scope just incase I don't stick to it. Thanks for the info though. Something for me to think over Cheers
  14. That's good to know, I need all the help I can get
  15. Hello All, I’ve been watching from the side-lines for a couple of weeks now, trying to resist the urge to buy a telescope. Like many my interest was due to the recent BBC television programmes, although have always been fascinated in astronomy just never got round to actually taking it further. Having kept an eye on the sky the last couple of days, I was glad to see it was quite clear last night. No sign of the moon from where I was (Swansea) however armed only my naked eye and an old pair of 7 x 35 bins and this months “What can I see in March” page from BBC Focus magazine I was able to first find orions belt, then identifying Betalgeuse and Rigel and the Orion nebula. From there across the “The Pleiades” (which looks surprisingly quite nice through my old bins) and onto Cassiopeia. I also think I found Jupiter and Mercury low in west sky but not sure on that one. Anyway, the bug has definitely bit, so having read many posts here on starter kit I have decided to forego a goto at this point as I’m sure finding things will be as much fun as viewing them, and have settled on an 8” Dob for my first telescope . From the various post I’ve read here the one to go for is the Skywatcher Skyliner 200P Dobsonian from FLO. Mostly to be used from my garden, out of the city but still street lighting near by. So just a quick thanks for all the previous posts which helped me arrive at my choice. Cheers
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