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  1. I have the 200p on EQ5 and am at a point where i am either going to buy the dual axis motors for £92 or sell up on buy a HEQ5 pro. I am just not sure if i can justify the extra money at the minute. I was going to suggest as above that you look at the results achieved by QM, some of his shots are amazing. look forward to hearing which way you decide to go. all the best. Scott.
  2. It certainly looks the business Patrice.
  3. Wow - those are really great shots. I think I would probably be too in awe and forget to take any pictures!!
  4. My friend sent me a couple of photos he had taken of the sun with his digital camera but on both there is a white spot close by, 2 photos taken on different days - could it be a reflection on the lense..... Sun Spot.bmp
  5. Above was just a single shot. If I take multiple shots without tracking would I need to adjust the tripod after so many to centre the image again or will dss recognise and align? Sorry my questions are so basic but i hadn't picked up a dslr before Xmas!!
  6. Thanks, will give that a go, will the 2 30 secs just stack in DSS then? It is hard enough trying to learn 1 new hobby in Astronomy but introducing a camera too is a bit daunting but gives plenty to work at!!
  7. I started off trying to get some shots of M42 through my scope but the focus was all out and I still haven't got round to getting motor drives so there was trailing and all sorts going on, DSS wanted nothing to do with them so..... I decided I wasn't going to waste this beautiful night i set up my tripod and took a couple of 1 min exposures ISO 1600, F6.3, a bit of noise reduction and backlight adjustment and this is what I got. Not sure if it is good, bad or half decent as I am completely new to DSLR photography and AP so any comments welcome. Cheers,
  8. Have a look for a member called quartermass, he has the same scope as us and has purchased a DSLR, an adaptor ring £10-£15 from FLO and a single axis motor drive £75 new from FLO and has achieved some amazing results. I am on the lookout for a second hand motor drive at the min but since the 'For Sale' section has been taken down on here I am struggling tbh. Good luck with the imaging.
  9. Happy for now, will get better with practice, I am no Camera wizz so still trying to learn all the settings on that too!
  10. Finally got hold of a DSLR and attachment for my scope, I now need to find a motor drive and I am away - in the mean time I thought I would try it out on the moon - this was my first attempt, unedited and I am quite happy with it. Let me know what you think.
  11. I am going try and get a pass out, I am playing golf in the morning though so i might be pushing my luck That is if you don't mind another 1st timer tagging along....?
  12. Sounds like I will have to give that one a miss then and keep my eyes open for one specific to the EQ5. Thanks for your responses as always.
  13. On the "For Sale" section here for £40 + £4 p&p....
  14. I have the chance to buy a 2nd hand HEQ5 duel axis motor, I have been advised that to use it on my EQ5 it might need a slight mod - any ideas what this entales? Thanks, Scott.
  15. My xmas list is getting bigger by the hour....
  16. I guessed there would be a fair bit of cost still to come, I assume I will need a motor for my mount too, although not sure whether I need a 1 or 2 axis motor?!
  17. I think I will ring FLO to double check what I need and get it ordered, I have read somehwere that a remote control for the camera is essential too so I will search for that too. Thanks guys.
  18. Thanks for the info, that is what I suspected. I am intregued to see what results are produced with no zoom lense and no eye piece attached (I still can't get my head around that concept) I have a lot to learn....!!!
  19. Hi, sorry for this but I have been reading various pages and forums and still can't figure out if I need a T-Ring & a T-adapter to mount my DSLR to my Skywatcher. Included when I bought the scope was something that resembles a t-adapter so I am unsure..... The DSLR is a Sony Alpha 290L if that makes any difference at all.... Thanks Guys.
  20. Thanks guys, that makes sense. I will give it a try this weekend, I have just collimated my lens' too so am hoping to see a bit more detail on Jupiter than I did last weekend.
  21. Hey guys, so I woke up in the middle of the night last night (around 3am) and looked out of the window, the sky was so clear and the stars so bright, it really looked amazing. Is there a big difference in viewing experience if you view at this time compared with say 10-11pm at night when it isn't pitch black? If it makes a good bit of difference I will make the effort and set my alarm this weekend I think
  22. Great shot, really good detail.
  23. That's a great picture, thanks for sharing.
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