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  1. Thanks again Stuart !! I think I'm back on track again...... Now the weather........
  2. Thanks a lot Stuart ! I had not seen your interesting topic about the codecs . Am I correct that when capturing with YUY2 / RGB24 I alway's have to switch the debayering on ? So in the end I will feed the stacking programs (AS!2) an already debayered avi ? Is there still a problem with a pattern in the final image when captured at 60 FPS ? Unfortunately the skies haven't been clear these day's because of a verry thin layer of clouds/fog in an otherwise perfect sky. Guess I'l have to do some testing filming indoors
  3. Hello people, I've been inactive now for half a year. But finally right now I could get my scope outside and hope for a clear night. My goal is to capture Uranus with it's moons. But since it's been some time since I used all the equipment and software i suddenly remembered that I've fotgotten some things. One thing which I tried to re-discover (has nothing t do with Uranus) is about debayering. What is the concensus now for debayering when using a DBK ? I looked at some forums and my own notes but I'm still confused about it. I have IC-CApture, Castrator, AS!2 and registax. I used to use Firecapture, but below 60 FPS switched to capturing with the camera on YUY2 and video RGB24 (and let IC Capture do the debayering). But what are your opinions now ? Let the camera itself do the debayering by using for instance RGB24 ? Or let IC-capture debayer ? Or record un-debayered and let Firecapture debayer ? Or AS!2 debayering ? And what about that artefact that looked like a debayer pattern or grid when recording at 60 FPS ? Does it happen with all codecs and all programs ? And what about files bigger than 1Gig ? I would be verry happy with any help or suggestions to help me sort this out for my new imaging season. Hope to show a pic of Uranus as a blue dot with some moons in the near future ;-)
  4. Great series ! A way to include Earth might be with a self made balloon with pocket camera and GPS or cell phone to get it back. There are directions on how to make that on the internet at an extremely low cost. It can get high enough to capture the curvature of the Earth....... Jeffrey
  5. Yesterday I found out that even with tripod legs fully extended and balancing at the edge of my kitchen roof I wasn't able to capture Saturn anymore. It's too low Part of the light path is now really blocked by the roof of my house. So May 16th was not only the first time this year but probably also my last this season.... WHY do I live in a city and don't own a car Well, look forward to Jupiter then
  6. Oh well, could have been better indeed. Now the Encke gap is spoiling the what otherwise would have been perfect continuous rings of Saturn And what about that moon.....maybe you can Photoshop that back to perfect black....? Sighhhh (Joking of course) Great capture !
  7. Very nice images Neil ! I'd be happy ! @Alan; I saw a SCT fan / blower here: http://www.teleskop-express.de/shop/product_info.php/language/en/info/p4479_Geoptik-Ventilator-fuer-SC--EHD--ACF----fuer-schnellere-Auskuehlung.html The german text mentions the air is filtered: http://www.teleskop-express.de/shop/product_info.php/info/p4479_Geoptik-Ventilator-fuer-SC--EHD--ACF----fuer-schnellere-Auskuehlung.html Jeffrey
  8. Great processing results ! I like al the different versions. They all have their own best parts and it just depends on my mood or whatever which details are the most important one at any moment. I like to stare at those with most detail often, although generally I prefer the more natural look. Or the other way round....or maybe not...... I'm always left with the feeling that something could be changed..... Jeffrey
  9. Thanks everyone ! It's so much better than my first Saturns from previous year (then I was recording through an open window, although now I'm on the kitchen roof and had to fully extend the tripod legs to 100% and I could just catch those fotons that were flying just about 1 meter over the roof of my house instead of crashing into it). @Neil; Thanks! I'll try to combine two avis that I recorded to get more frames, and next time I'll be more generous with the recording times.... @ Kokatha man; Thanks for the AS!2 suggestions ! I'll certainly try them out ! I gave the ring edge a hanging disconnected box thinking it might be easier to allign that part in a way that the Cassini div. would be sharpest. But maybe that line of thinking doesn't make sense at al. I was also afraid to make the boxes too small. I'll play around with more overlapping boxes. @ Frewi; Thanks! I'll try the drizzle ! But with Mars I usually found that my raw images couldn't carry the drizzles that well. They got bigger but not more pleasant to look at in for my eyes. But I'll try it again (starting with 1.5) Cheers, Jeffrey
  10. I totally agree. And on top of that you have an image I would write home about ! But I guess each has to write his/her own letters Jeffrey
  11. Finally it was a clear evening as forecasted so I had setup my scope for temperature equilibration and imaged Saturn for the first time with the Mak150. Since I don't see any details besides some banding would it make sense to record for say 15 minutes instead of four About F27. DBK-618, 15 FPS with 1/15th second exposures. YUY2/RGB24 2000 of 4000 frames with Autostakkert!2 and Wavelets in R6. Any comments or suggestions are welcome ! Thanks for watching, Jeffrey
  12. Nice ! Looks very natural I think ! Jeffrey
  13. Hello Neil, yes I used the same stack. Actually I had a lengthy discussion on a Dutch forum some time ago why I had this strange blue color shift with the Maksutof and the DBK. But the question remained why it was different depending on which program the wavelets were used in. Seems there is an explanation now somewhere which convinces me the difference is real and not some freak accident. Thanks for the support and your directions for using deconvolution Tim. Jeffrey
  14. Hello Peter, Verry nice. I like the phase on the planet ! Maybe I have a tip which I picked up from others somewhere. I don't use a DMK and color filters etc., but I read a discussion that concluded that with reallly good seeing it's best to get the details/luminance with the green filter because of the shorter wavelenght and the higher resolution possible. That way you can get most out of of your C11's capabilities (and with the red you don't do it justice). That's of course only when seeing is good enough, otherwise Red would be best). Sorry, I have no experience myself, just overheard others (and maybe you already know all this) Jeffrey
  15. A parfocal ring is a ring you can put around the eyepiece to restrict how far the eyepiece sinks into the focusser. However, I'm totally with Rob and Kokatha man ! Focussing on the planets itself is probably the best and worthwhile to invest energy and time in it's learning curve
  16. OK, sorry. This will be my last nagging about the wavelets (or i'll start a new thread) Just looked at the Astraimage website for wavelets and found the following text (copied from the site) which suggests there imight indeed be a reason for the weird effect on only one of the color channels in my one shot color stack: http://www.phasespace.com.au/wavelet_ex.htm Color Balance and Artefacts In many image processing application, when an image is sharpened the color balance is changed. In addition, the sharpening process in these applications can produce distracting color artefacts. Note the color artefacts in the image on the left. This is an example of poor sharpening, with many color artefacts. Now note the left image. It has been sharpened in Astra Image 3.0. There are no artefacts and the color balance has been preserved. Think I will stay with the AstraImage then....(although there seem to be fewer variables/settings/options to influence the wavelets) Jeffrey
  17. Hello Neil, Yes the blue channel is usually the worst, but I find the difference between Registax and Astraimage striking. The starting material probably already had some quality problems, but I just don't understand why the blue channel would come out so much better with Astraimage wavelets whereas in Registax it's so bad it even looks shifted. It's weird. AstraImage is not freeware unfortunately, but you can buy a plugin for Photoshop (is what I did). Some members convinced me that deconvolution with it on the Moon would give better results than Registax wavelets. However somehow I'm not able to use deconvolution with any succes (yet) and thought it was a waste of money for me, but accidentily I noticed that the AstraImage Wavelets helped me a lot with this stack of Plato compared to Registax. Apologies if I distracted a bit from the original AS!2 vs Registax comparisson subject.... Jeffrey
  18. What I sometimes do is use a 12 mm eyepiece (which gives a much wider field of view than your camera). I made the 12 mm eyepiece parfocal with a parfocal ring. So after I reach perfect focus with the camera on a star using a mask, I then replace the camera with the 12 mm eyepiece (and don't touch your focusser now, image is still focussed because of parfocal ring), and go back to the planet. When in center of field I verry carefully replace the eyepiece with the camera and target planet should be in field of view of the camera (or at least not far away). I use a 12 mm eyepiece with illuminated crosshair which is also helpfull (doesn't have to be of high quallity optics for centering purposes only). What also can be helpfull is a flip mirror, but this adds considerably to the lenght of the lightpath (recalculate the F ratio), and also can be heavy and make all the accessories bend a bit, (and it also costs more money (use one of which you can correct the allignment). Good luck with focussing !! Jeffrey
  19. Interesting ! What program did you use for wavelets ? I don't have samples to illustrate differences but I also started using AS!2 because of speed. However I noticed that when I stacked images (Plato crater recorded with a DBK-618, so one shot color recordings) in AS!2 and used wavelets in R6 somehow the blue channel comes out really a lot less sharp than the R or G (as seen in Photoshop). When I load the same stack in Photoshop and apply AstraImage wavelets all channels are really sharp....... Registax wavelets: AstraImage wavelets: Blue channel alternating Registax and Astraimage wavelets: Alternating Registax and AstraImage wavlets GREEN Channel (Control) R6 wavlets somehow also seems to have shifted the blue channel (from a one shot color recording). So my conclusion for now is that also for Wavelets I prefer AstraImage wavelets over Registax (at least for the moon with my one-shot DBK) Jeffrey
  20. Thanks everybody. Thanks for the tip Kokatha man. That cropping is easier than I feared it would be
  21. Thanks Olorin and Neil. Thanks for the tips too ! Actuallly the allignment was made extremely easy by processing all avi's first in the Castrator program. I haven't done any allignment afterwards in PS. Jeffrey
  22. Thanks ! Yes I will check. At that time I wasn't able to move the draw- tube much further into the focusser
  23. Could it be diffraction in the atmosphere of Mars as seen from the side ? So the darker line is actually bordering the real edge of the MArs surface. I have seen an animation on a Dutch forum of someone who was fascinated by some clouds near the horizon that apeared to grow in the animation. There you can also see a small cloud that disappears over the horizon and crosses the dark rind and enters the white rind that could be the atmosphere ? (I hope it's allowed to link to the thread) Further down the page there's a bigger picture showing the small cloud upper-left) http://www.astroforum.nl/showthread.php/139958-Mars-Wolkenvorming-deel-2!?p=484119#post484119 Jeffrey
  24. Hi, I found some data from Jupiter last January. Weather is not so good here so decided to spend some time behind the computer. Made an animation spanning 46 minutes of Jupiter (16 images) and made an animation using Photoshop. Still many options in Photoshop I don't yet understand (tweening and the speed).....How can I crop the complete animation to get rid of the ugly left-side of the frame ? Any suggestions for improvement are welcome ! Cheers, Jeffrey
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