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  1. bm1980

    Thin cresent moon

    From the album: Moon images

  2. very nice capture, Regards Ben
  3. Nice work Stuart, i see your still producing top images. Regards Ben
  4. nice work, mars is a tough little target to get any detail from. Regards Ben
  5. very nice, much better than my first captures of jupiter, keep at it and i am sure you will be able to get some more detail given better seeing. Regards Ben
  6. Nice work, i love imaging the moon in this phase. Regards Ben
  7. Any more news on this? Could we be in for the meteor shower of the century?
  8. Yes from what i have researched we are going to go through the remnants of the tail from before it went around the sun in early january, but as for the debris trail that is left from when it broke up i am unsure. I depends on how spread out the v shape of debris is when it is over earths orbit. Regards Ben
  9. Hi all just watched a very interesting video suggesting that we might be i for a double wammy meteor shower by the remains of comet ison. Have a watch and let me know what you think. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V2RH8T4-AuA Regards Ben
  10. Nice capture of a tough planet to image Regards Ben
  11. Nice work for a first go, much better than mine. Regards Ben
  12. Nice work, very good for a 1st attempt. Regards Ben
  13. Nice sharp image you have captured there. Regards Ben
  14. Excellent work for jittery seeing. Regards Ben
  15. Good capture, i love this phase of the moon ,i love imaging it like this. Regards Ben
  16. Nice work for a single frame. Regards Ben
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