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  1. Thanks for all the excellent advice. Can I just ask what bias frames do? Thanks Paul
  2. Hi Thanks for the feedback, haven't tried any flats yet, need to find a good way of taking them, I'll have to look at a few threads on here for the easyest way. Thanks again Paul
  3. hi this is my second image with my new setup, its just a low quality crop but am quite pleased with the result. need to do some proper processing on it when i have some more time. 23x 180 sec subs, 12 darks no flats.
  4. hi tom this was just a quick one to put on here so think i did clip it, here is the original post processing version, with reduced quality to keep the size smaller for here. paul
  5. Hi all This is my first guided image using my new qhy5 and st80 setup. It is also the first time I have used my new canon 600d. So all in all I am quite pleased with the result considering the new "learning curve" Because of the wind that night I was limited to 1 min lights. It was made from 63x1 min lights with 30 darks applied, not flats. Stacked in DSS post batch conversion from CR2 to TIF, processed in gimp. Can't wait to have some better weather to get some longer lights! Paul
  6. Hi John Does the beta version support cr2 files? If it doesn't im sure it will be supported soon, it has taken me ages today to convert my files Thanks again Paul
  7. Thanks Wolfgang, how would I add this to firmware and where can I download? Looks very useful
  8. Hi I'm having the usual trouble with DSS and CR2 files from my new canon 600D. I am batch converting them to TIF files to use with DSS at the moment which is a pain! My question is, are there any other stacking program's to use compatible with canon 600D CR2 files? And preferably free. Thanks for any guidance, I have only ever used DSS and upto now have had good results with it.
  9. Hi Am just getting to grips with my new camera and was wondering what the best settings are for deep sky imaging using this camera? There must be a few of you that use the same one, it seems a bit more complicated than my Pentax kx even tho this was an excellent camera to get started with AP. It will be sadly going on eBay soon along with the T adaptor and IR remote so have a lookout for it! Also putting on a SW finder scope/BRKT alongside a 3.5mm Hyperion. Thanks again for everyone's great advice and friendliness! Paul
  10. Hi all Went for the canon 600D in the end and I'm very pleased with it so far, my first guided image is being carried out as we speak, I'll put it on for all to see once its processed. Thanks for all the advice, I'm using the software supplied by canon for now to control exposures until I'm more familiar with the camera. Paul
  11. Hi A psi sounds like the better option, I never realised you could power them this way. I have to use 4xAA batteries which are a pain to change with camera on mount. Once I sort my focus problems out using filters( another post) think I will upgrade. Thanks for all your help Paul
  12. Thanks for the advice, sounds much better than what I'm using at the moment. Just reading reviews of the 1100d for astro imaging and it's looking like the one to go for, at £291 new body only it's a good deal, I can then use my Pentax for every day which it's awesome for. One more question, does anyone know if the 1100d charges it's battery when it's plugged into laptop via USB? Thanks again all Paul
  13. That's good to know! Thanks Can you use canons own software you get with the camera for this? Would the software you mention work with all canon dslr'sHi such as 1100d or 550d ? I am seriously thinking of upgrading to a cannon. I'm using pk tether at the moment and it's so hit and miss, sometimes it works and then it doesn't so I can't leave it to work by itself anyway. Is the above software free? Thanks again Paul
  14. Hi Do all modern canon dslr'sHi let you control them via a laptop etc. I have a Pentax dslr at the moment which is proving very good for dso imaging but controlling exposure lengths in bulb mode and auto taking pictures via software is very limited! I would consider upgrading to a cannon, maybe 1100D if it is all Easyer to control from a laptop, I have to use an ir remote for exposures over 30 sec at moment and watch a timer which is a pain. Just not sure if you can do more with certain cannon dslr'sHi than others where computer control is concerned. Thanks Paul
  15. Hi all, I have a problem I hope someone here could help with I have a 200pds that I use with my Pentax kx dslr to image. I am just starting with guiding and want to start using filters. I currently connect my dslr to focus tube with the normal T thread adapter via the bottom half of the skywatcher 2" to 1,1/4 adapter, this screws apart for this reason. I would like to fit a 2" filter into this imaging train but am having a nightmare! I got a 2" lpr filter but there is no way of fitting it into the SW 2" to 1,1/4" adapter. If I use a 2" ext tube with a filter thread I can't achieve enough inward travel on the focus tube to get focus. With dslr connected to my focuser in the normal maner I usually use, I only have about 12mm of outward travel before reaching focus. So does anyone know of an adaptor like an extension tube with a 2" filter thread but is only about 8mm or so long that would allow me to achieve focus? Thanks Paul
  16. Hi I posted your exact question last week, I opted for a qhy5 and am so glad I did! It's so easy to set up and use and got 5min subs straight away no probs. I use it with a modest notebook running xp and it's fine. I have the same mount as you and they both seem to work flawlessly. It's a no brainer really, I was up and running 5 mins after polar aligning my mount after the normal 3star align. Go for the qhy5 you will love it
  17. Hi all I have been imaging for about a year now with some good results. I am thinking of getting my first filter to enhance my imaging but not sure which is a good first filter to use, it will have to be a 2" filter as this is the size of the adaptor I connect my camera to. I have been looking at the baader filters, the neodymium, the uv I/r cut, the contrast booster, and the ir pass filter, ultra high contrast. Which of these do you think would make a good imaging filter that I will have some use out of and it won't become redundant as soon as I get a few more. Thanks in advance Ps I have some light pollution but not to much and it will be used on dso,s galaxy's and nebula's mainly, not so much planets, and also for imaging only not for visual
  18. Thanks for all your info it's handy to know. Just need some good weather now!
  19. Hi Thanks for the help, I will try this as soon as crappy weather turns better!
  20. Hi all I was wondering how to stack pics from multiple nights etc I use dss and gimp. Would I stack each night separately then stack the resultant pic from each night together or stack all pics from all nights together at once? The other question is, how do I stack sets of images with different iso's and exposure times. Also what method would I use to stack narrow band filtered images with different filters ie ha and oIII, and merge them together. I am getting good with processing now just not sure of the above, I have just got up and running with a guided setup and want to get pics over a few nights. Thanks for your help Paul
  21. Hi all Picked up my qhy5 from Rotherham valley optics today, they were very helpfull as usual and trew in a free st4 cable! Camera was a breeze to set up with help from the cheat sheet that came with the camera. I'm still waiting for the sw guide cam mount to come in so I decided to piggy back the st80 straight on top of the 200pds to get used to PHD as I've never used it before, once set up it went cloudy as usual but after an hour it was clear. I couldn't believe how easy it was to use phd, I was guiding within 20 mins, managed some 2min subs at m51 low on the horizon and not a star trail in sight! Anything longer was too washed out due to very bright full moon! But very pleased at how easy it is to set up and use, I'm so glad I went for this option so thanks very much to all of you that helped me make my mind up. Can't wait to use it on darker skies now! And pick up the guide mount! Qhy 5 and phd is highly recommended!
  22. Nice one thanks! I might give it a try
  23. Hi all I'll soon be getting into the world of guiding and was just wondering if a webcam can be used as a guide camera in an St80? My plans are to get a skywatcher guide scope mount and a qhy5 but was just wondering if a web cam is any good as I have one. Thanks Paul
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