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  1. It's easy-go somewhere else without your scope.Not only will the skies be clear where you are,but at home as well.
  2. So much optimism and so much positive thinking.Definitely go back to modelling Spitfires and playing the clarinet.
  3. I live in North Cornwall,and haven't been able to see the night sky for more than a few minutes at a time for months.I have an 8" Dob mounted on a custom trolley,which I can whip out of the garage in a few minutes,but even this can be a totally frustrating business. I am thinking I will be better off with a good pair of binoculars -I already have a tripod-and would welcome some advice .My main area of interest is planetary and lunar. What bins would suit?
  4. I have a 200 Skyliner and love it.I have it on a flat bed garden trolley (e bay)to wheel out of the shed,so no lifting or risk of expensive drops. I found it stiff to rotate when I first got it,and did the lazy susan bearing conversion which is a great mod.A waterproof cover for about 25 quid and you have a very moveable and well protected scope .I have made a chair (see Denver chair links)but tend to use a shooting stick.I am elderly,bad back,etc.but manage ok with this set up.Just clear the blumming skies will somebody?!
  5. I am seriously considering moving up to a 12" Dob from my 8" Skyliner-would the improvement be a real mind blowing experience-might I see the Horses Head for example?Comments from the happy 12" Dob owners please.
  6. Thanks-think it's going to be the 8mm.First search for s/h one,to try and preserve marital harmony......
  7. Hi-thanks for that.I get a reasonable image with the 4.5-but viewing Jupiter the other night(which was clear and steady for a change)there was a slight fuzziness I felt might have been down to optical shortcomings,and wonder if a higher quality e/p-even at lower mags-would allow the magic red spot to materialise. The cost is a real factor for me,and I am loathe to do a suck it and see exercise at £180.00 ! But I take your point about the power of 8mm,so think I might go in that direction.
  8. I am thinking of upgrading to TV Radians primarily for planetary observation.Will the 8mm Barlow well enough (to give me a bit of flexibility) or would I be safer getting a 4mm 0r 5mm ? Or shall I flog my TV 2x Barlow?
  9. In the end,you will be tempted to put a "Lazy Susan" bearing between the two base circles.300mm one available at Axminster Tools for about £14.00 Brilliant mod.
  10. As for the finderscope-get a Telrad and throw the other thing away!You won't believe the difference.
  11. Spaceboy has it-I bought my SW Dob off them after some wrangling ,and was able to get it before others had them in stock.Had some free goodies as well to make up for the wrangling.The issues are ones of competence not integrity I think.
  12. I have just ordered a metre of black felt from the Fabric factory(E Bay)-at £4.75 can't go too far wrong. I intend using PVA,which is easy to use and a better bet than self-adhesive items IMHO.I have been convinced by earlier threads that flocking is worthwhile,and since looking at the sky isn't an option very often in this bxxxxx country,I spend a lot of time looking at my telescope and taking it to pieces.very good at collimating and taking primary mirrors out and putting them back.....
  13. Thanks guys-I will have a twiddle.....
  14. The Moon has so blown me away of late that I have decided to attempt a pic.My SW 200p Dob was described as having a fitting for DSLR's but there are no guides to how it all goes together.I have acquired a Nikon adapter ring-now,where do I go from here?Do I use my lenses,or the scopes ep,s or neither?what goes on to what and how? Be patient with me- I have had years of photo experience but cannot get my head round hanging a Nikon on a telescope-the bits just don't look right!
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