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  1. I had some 0.96" ortho eyepieces with my first scope. Nice eyepieces and worth keeping (though I did,nt) Great idea
  2. NGC404

    Hello from Hull

    Hi and welcome. We have a regular from near Hull that comes to the North Lincs astro society just across the river. See link below Lots of registax experts in the group that will help answer all of your questions. Your 1st meeting is free entry
  3. How you move the binoculars on a tripod will also affect things. By moving the binoculars only using the tripod handle, rather than holding the binoculars will keep things tightened for longer. Also some binoculars such as roof prisms have a shallower depth female thread for the adapter, so is less to "grip on to"
  4. Right description but wrong image. The image is of the smaller case
  5. The two eyepieces look identical to the ones you get as standard with the Skywatcher Startravel-80 (AZ3) Only difference is the 25mm on the ST80 is fully coated. The one on the image if multi-coated
  6. I,m pretty sure they are not end of line at Maplin. The end of line advert is on every Maplin listing. Its simply a window pointing you to their offers page
  7. Its called Keyword spamming. Lots of it going on
  8. My 30 year old TMB 10mm Not the widest of views, but never yet known another EP come close to Planetary / double star performance
  9. Accept my apologies Thought you were referring to astronomy targets (hence my infinity comments) My fault for not reading your earlier post fully
  10. Just tried on mine Can get infinity focus with 60mm of inward travel and 10mm of outward travel to play with. No extension tube needed The image was right way up
  11. For SLR photography through a travel scope-70 you do not use a barlow, extension tube or diagonal Remove the diagonal and screw the t-ring direct on the t-thread that is on the focus tube. This will give you an upright image 400mm f5.7 You will find the centre of the image has a "soft" patch. But is easily sharpened up in processing By trying to use barlows , extensions etc you are spending more than you need too and only create more problems
  12. hope they throw in the smiley vacuum cleaner
  13. You will need a t-ring and a t-adapter for a AM 114 Providing use have accurate focus (use magnified live view for this), and make best use of image stacking software / processing, you should be able to crop the image for greater magnification. Also ensure the scope / camera are fully cooled down, and have a well collimated telescope
  14. The Olivons shown in the photo are plossls (not modified achromatics), and the barlow is fully multi-coated
  15. Use the 12" Dob for visual. The Tal 4" frac for imaging So its the Tal 8" Klevsov that is gathering dust at the momment
  16. I,ve got two books signed in person by him, when I met him after a couple of his lectures Would never think of selling them
  17. If budget will allow, I would be tempted to upgrade from the stock budget end canon lenses. I upgraded from the stock canon 70-300 to the Tamron 70-300mm SP Di VC USD The difference in image quality between the Tamron and the stock Canon is astronomical in terms of sharpness and lack of CA Maybe the seller will come up with a bespoke bundle for you
  18. Use my Tal 100 for all Lunar imaging. That.s a great first photo
  19. Couple of the Sun taken last week EOS1100D through a Tal 100m frac + Badder Solar sheet. Undriven on a HEQ5 Best 8 out of 10 frames stacked in registax The biggest Sun spot was so large, it was easily seen naked eye through the baader sheet
  20. Was,nt aware binoculars could lose their coatings. Or have I got that wrong Looks like they simply need a good clean. Or have I got that wrong as well
  21. "I notice adverts from retailers buying up used kit, then selling it on at inflated prices. I guess it is a way of making money" Same goes for any business in any field. You buy for less than you sell for. (new or used) That`s business Even retailers have to pay their bills like the rest of us
  22. The 0III is not for looking at stars Try the veil as suggested by John, or some Planetary nebula and you wont be disappointed When it is visible, I found it works great on the Eskimo Nebula
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