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  1. Thanks for all the input guys... will probably go for solar glasses... use tools for their intended puposes. Will have to wait a while for any sort of eclipse, and I suppose I won't be seeing many sunspots with them, but it will be interesting to have an appreciation of the apparent size of the sun - without having to wait for that 'perfect' cloud filter that comes along every so often. G.
  2. By the way.... I have absolutely no intention of using the dark lenses with any optical aid like bins and such... I do know that THAT would be really silly.
  3. Hi, This might make you smile but Aldi are selling Welder masks for £6 at the moment (30/05/2008) and I'm thinking they might make a good cheap naked eye solar viewer (sunspot groups etc). The blurb says they are DIN Shade 11... is this safe for looking at the sun with the naked eye ???? I remember reading a quote from Sir Patrick that he has used a piece of welder's glass before, so if it was good enough for him it should be fine for me. Mask comes with a 2 dark lenses so i don't have to actually wear the full face mask and scare the neighbours! Does this sound like a reasonable thing to buy or would proper 'optical' solar glases be a wiser choice? I must admit I've not 'looked into' solar glasses. Anyway, thanks. G.
  4. Hi, We have a modest Astronimical Society in Bridgwater. As you'd expect its friendly and informal, with members ranging from complete novices to very experienced amateur astronomers. We meet at Bridgwater College each month on a Wednesday evening with an observation evening away from the town on the Friday of the same week. Hope the link to the website works: http://dbown100.tripod.com/BWASTRO.htm Its not too far away... G.
  5. Cheers phil, They cost about £30 18 months ago, so are not expensive although they do look a far better build quality than the £12 Lidl ones (surprise surprise). Sounds like there's a chance they could be saved.... I'll let you know how I get on.
  6. Thanks themos... I did do a search before posting but not for 'binocular collimation' !
  7. Hi, My lad's 10x50 bins (Bresser Adventurers) seem to have developed a double image problem, probably from a bash or 2. Its not huge but its annoying enough to make them pretty much useless we reckon. So he's got a new pair of Lidl £12 ones that work great compared to the dodgy ones, so I'm thinking about letting him take the old ones apart in the spirit of science/engineering etc. The prisms and lens should be cool for a 10yr old - if we can get them out! Anyone done this before? Not even touched a screw yet but is their any chance of saving half of them as a 'spotting scope'? Chiz G.
  8. Gene

    Hi from Somerset

    Hi and Welcome, I'm in B/W. G.
  9. Hi Cat, I'm also in Bridgwater like Vega. Welcome to SGL. The main thing to remember is not to be overwhelmed with all the facts and figures... astronomy is such a huge subject. I would suggest buying a magazine like the BBC Sky at Night or Astronomy now from WHSmiths. They have lots of good articles for beginners. G.
  10. Thanks everyone for helping to clear up the mystery. Another great little highlight in my never ending journey with astronomy!
  11. Thanks guys, So it was probably liquid bio waste of some sort then... that will make my newbie mate smile. What I can't get my head round though is that the cloud 'tail' was curved in the direction that it was heading (as we viewed it). G.
  12. Well seeing as my mate saw it aswell (I rang him to make sure he caught a pass as he keeps missing the ones I warn him about) that makes 3 of us... very strange. Lets just hope its not a real problem with the ISS or Atlantis.
  13. Maybe... but the curved 'tail' was below it not behind it... which in itself is weird as it was curved forward, like the tail of a small letter 'g', not curved backwards like I would expect any motion related atmospheric type thing (for want of a better word). Thanks G.
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