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  1. It's been a while since I looked at the differences between reflectors and refractors but I believe reflectors are best for dso's and refractors for planetary. I was wondering if this is correct and if so why? Is it just a case of money, as cheaper refractors are good enough for planetary and reflectors are more worth for your money for better quality dso's? Or is glass just better, full stop, for inter planetary objects? If refractors are better for interplanetary, I was looking at doing observing, planetary photography and maybe dso's with a dslr and a refractor. Is this too much to ask for? Or should I choose a refractor to be more dedicated to either subject? Sent from my LT26i using Tapatalk 2
  2. My bad didnt seen the previous post for it. It's certainly impressive tho. It's mind boggling to me how there can be so much in such a small piece of sky. I say a small piece of sky but I guess this proves wherever you look in the sky it unimaginably immense. Sent from my LT26i using Tapatalk 2
  3. Not sure if this is in the right section or been mentioned before but 5500 galaxies and 10 years worth of photography thought it was worth a shout about. http://www.nasa.gov/mission_pages/hubble/science/xdf.html Sent from my LT26i using Tapatalk 2
  4. I'm unsure what the facilities are like round the campsite or caravan parks or anything as its only a 2 hour drive for me which I'm happy to make every now and again so iv never had to use them, looking at earlier threads tho a lot of members have had plenty star parties around the area I'm sure they would be more help than me ronaldo. I was just at the elf kirk view point which has a car park less than 50 metres or so from it. The best spot iv found around the kielder area in my opinion. It looks over kielder water and is a perfect dark site compared to my back garden lol. Iv only drove up to the observatory once but I havnt ventured inside yet but if does look impressive on the outside. I'm planning to go to on of the regular public nights they have. Sent from my LT26i using Tapatalk 2
  5. I was originally planning on heading up to galloway dark sky park and set up in clatteringshaws carpark but I wasn't sure if I would get a similar effect from Dumfries to the south. At the time I was just piggy backing using the 1/4" screw thread on the tube rings, but what I didn't realise was that I must have cross threaded the camera on it so it was only holding on a few threads when I took it of, I was lucky it never fell off. So iv decided to order a 323 monfrotto quick release and another dovetail bar to help speed up and hopefully secure the set up process. Lol And thanks for the advice James. I realise you get better results from stacking but being new to it I was hoping for a decent result quickly to help me get goin. Iv just finished reading 'make every photon count' which was a brilliant read and gave me a lot of help in understanding how stacking works with the different types of frames. Hopefully next time I'm out il put more planning into what I'm going to image and what shots I need. And thanks for the information on which part of the sky it is. With the amount of stars in the image I was struggling to figure out what was what. Haha Good luck with any imaging you do this weekend too ewan clear skies hopefully! Il be lookin forward to seeing what you come up with :-). Hopefully you won't have to put up with the midgies I did. Sent from my LT26i using Tapatalk 2
  6. Well after having my scope for nearly 3 years years now and using it now and again iv had my first attempt at a wide field view of the Milky Way. With a couple of lads eager for a look through my scope and hopeful to see a few bright perseids we headed up to Kielder forest for a nights observing. I managed to get very lucky with the weather, it had been cloudy (as usual) all weekend, come the morning of Tuesday the 14th of August the first thing I checked was the weather and unbelievably it was planned clear skies right through the night for once. We managed to get to Kielder and set up about an hour before sun set, to show them my kit and just as the midges were starting to perk up. stupidly none of us thought to bring repellent. so being eaten alive we got a good couple hours observing and seen some very bright meteors which was the main reason we went. With my camera piggybacked on my tube rings i was asked to take a picture directly upwards to show how many stars we couldn't see with our eyes while keeping away from the little light pollution on the horizon, which we suspected was from Halifax. and this is what i managed to come up with so far... I had a go at processing the image and this is the best i could do. maybe someone with more experience will be able to give me some tips.
  7. if neutrinos can travel faster than light, should they not have infinite mass? that is if Einstein is correct, and would this not cause total havoc to the mass around them?
  8. This is probably a very newbie question but i'm really struggling to find m101 the pinwheel galaxy, m107 the owl nebulae and m51 the whirlpool galaxy. i'm trying to find them using a red dot site and a finder scope then looking through my scope with a 25mm ep on a skywatcher 200p and just star hopping as much as i can to get the right location. iv had fairly little viewing time mainly because of work commitments and the bad weather for the last couple of months so iv only had the scope out a few times in the past year and have only really viewed the moon, the 7 sisters, planets and the Orion nebula. i was really looking forward to my next viewing session, which was last night, and was quite disappointed with myself for not being able to find them. although the moon was very bright so i was unsure weather i would actually be able to see these with the moon lighting up everything. help would be greatly appreciated... thanks.
  9. iv had my scope for just over a month now and im a little unsure about storage. i can either put it in an unheated shed outside in my garden or keep it in the house somewhere. So far its been kept fully mounted in the conservatory and its been fine. but if i store it in the shed obviously the cool down time will be pretty much minimal, but i was worried about the optics in the scope frosting up and getting damaged or anything. Any advice is much appreciated. Brown.
  10. as far as i can tell this is a brillliant scope. im fairly new to this so iv only had it just over a month now but so far so good. very easy to mount and dismount, only thing is i find is the eq head to be a little heavy on the eq5 mount, but that could just be me because i tend to leave the weights attached when i dismount it.
  11. Put some tape over the skywatcher logos and tell her that it is a HUGE box of chocolates and bottle of wine! Im sure she would love it!
  12. Brilliant! i've been looking for a good site like this for a while. thanks Rowan. Brown
  13. WOW! thats a massively warm welcome. it looks like this is gonna be a friendly forum! yeah i agree with all of you Cumbrians out there we do need some good clear nights to come along. seriously lookin foreward to the next clear night, hopefully im going to be free for it and wil have a brilliant viewing session..... fingers crossed.
  14. Hello to all, Iv been looking through the threads on this site for a short while now and this site looks like a great place to start for a total newbie! Obviously everyone seems to be great help on the site and i hope i can help some people with what little knowledge i have. I hope to see a lot with my Skywatcher Explorer 200P. the moon was absolutely brilliant a few nights ago one of the best sights yet. iv also attempted to take 1 or 2 photos of Andromeda but didn't get very good results with the light pollution around my area, which was disappointing but hoping for better results next time. Anyways, hello to everyone!
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