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  1. Hello all. I dropped in to RVO yesterday and picked up a pair of Celestron 15x70 Bins. Got to use them tonight. I am VERY pleased with them. I don't mean to denigrate my scope, as I'm still very much in love with her (especially after seeing Saturn for the first time tonight!!), but the view through the bins is fantastic! I'm almost wishing I'd started with them instead. The Pleiades looked magnificent, as they all fit in the one field of view. I was also very impressed by M42, which looked all the better for being in context with the rest of "the sword". Generally it was good to be able to 'sweep' across the sky, rather than being confined by the mount. I expect I'll start to use the bins to find things to look at in more detail through the scope. At some point I'm going to have to stop looking at the same old favourites and actually learn the rest of the sky.... Got a bit of a crick in the neck, but it was worth it! Once again, thanks to you all for the various old threads that convinced me to buy the bins. Ali
  2. I'm about five miles from Nottingham, and I couldn't see it with the naked eye. It was hard enough to see through the scope, appearing as a fuzzy featureless oval. I found it by the simple expedient of unlocking the clutches on the mount and manually moving the scope across the general area indicated by Stellarium. This may make it sound like I don't think it was worth the effort; nothing could be further from the truth. A galaxy. I mean, seriously. A whole galaxy. Billions of stars. Wow. I suppose you can tell I'm new at this......
  3. I've just started out myself, with an Evostar 90. I don't have anything to compare it to, but I was very impressed with Jupiter, even low in the sky and with the supplied EPs. All I would say is that the EQ2 mount is a bit flaky, especially in windy conditions and at higher magnifications. And if portability is key, you may find it a bit big. Otherwise a great scope! There are one or two good reviews of it on SGL as well.
  4. If Iain Banks is to be believed (and before you ask, yes I do get all my cosmology from SciFi), if you set off in a straight line you will eventually end up where you started. The universe is, in this model, a four-dimensional sphere, or Hypersphere. In the same way, a sphere is a three-dimensional circle. Of course this may all be tosh that I picked up while reading Excession when drunk. But it does sound good.
  5. Thank you all for the advice so far. I'll discount the AZ3 option then. Another question; would the EQ2 be an acceptable mount for a lighter scope, such as a Startravel 80? I'm just thinking, if I were to go up to an EQ5, would the EQ2 still be a useful club to have in the golf bag? Ali
  6. My daughter is 2 1/2 and can recognise "the big dipper". Not in the sky, as yet, but certainly on paper. This is entirely thanks to Peppa Pig, or, more specifically, Peppa's granddad. She's also very taken with Stellarium. "Daddy, make stars on your computer!" Absolutely marvellous to hear about youngsters getting the bug. I did when I was that age, about 9 or 10, but it took me another 20 years to get my first telescope. My own kids won't have to wait that long!
  7. Hello again, I managed to take the scope out to a dark sky site last night, and managed to get a brief (5 minutes tops) session in before the clouds rolled over. I spent the time looking at the moon, which I'd never seen through a telescope before. Absolutely fantastic. However, the pleasure of the observation was marred by the fact that my scope was bouncing around like a mad thing in the light winds blowing past. So, I've been wondering what my best course of action is. Is the AZ3 any more stable than the EQ2? If so, as I don't really want to get into Astrophotography, that might be a good buy. Alternatively, would the EQ2 be OK on a sturdier tripod? Thanks in advance, Ali
  8. Great write up! I recognise the elation you felt with Jupiter and the Orion nebula; I felt exactly the same thing on my first light! Not had much chance to get the scope out since, mind...
  9. Aliens people! With an "S"! "Game over, man, game over!"
  10. Thank you for that. Eyepieces it is then! Is TMB a brand or a type? It's great to think that Jupiter gets even better; I was frankly amazed with it as it is now! Ali
  11. Hiya! I'm currently using an Evostar 90 with the supplied x2 Barlow and 10mm/25mm eyepieces. I've really only used it to look at Jupiter, the Pleiades and the Orion Nebula, but in all cases the higher magnifications look a bit fuzzy. Like many of you, I find myself with little to do at the moment but contemplate my next purchase. So, my question for all you experienced old lags is this; What will give me most bang for my buck? A new barlow? New eyepieces, at 7.5 12.5 20 and 30 as suggested by the incredibly useful sticky above? Is there any mileage in getting a better diagonal? Any better suggestions? All the best, Ali
  12. I saw the same thing over Bingham, Nottinghamshire at approximately 1845. Two red lights about 5 degrees apart, moving swiftly from west to east. I'd love to know what they were!
  13. Finally got to use my new Evostar 90! It's been sitting in my study for the last week, but finally got an outing! First up, Jupiter. Clear and crisp in the 25mm, with all four Galilean moons strung out alongside. Ran inside like a small child to fetch the wife and 2 yr old daughter. I ran through the combinations allowed by the 25mm, the 10mm and the 2x Barlow, and was more impressed the higher I went. I could see some banding at all magnifications. After the wife got bored, I turned the scope to the Orion Nebula and was amazed to see some actual cloudiness! Then on to the Pleiades, which were a truly marvellous sight. I've been loving the scope, and was surprised to find that the finderscope was actually useful. It felt a bit flimsy when putting it together. I think with hindsight I should have gone for the EQ3-2 mount rather than the EQ2, as the scope isn't reall stable at higher magnifications. Still, I can always save up! I can't get over what a buzz it's been and I've only looked through the thing for about half an hour in total. I think I'm hooked....
  14. AliMac

    Thanks Everyone!

    Thank you all for the warm welcome! I'm thinking there may be a gap in the clouds tomorrow night, so if there is, I'll be out there like a shot.....
  15. Hello, I've been lurking for ages, and I thought I should finally thank you all for the advice I've seen on the site. I've just (Friday) taken delivery of an Evostar 90, largely on the basis of reviews I read here. It is typical of my luck that this has coincided with a prolonged period of greyness...... I'm a total beginner, but this is a hobby I've wanted to try for years. If I get bitten by the bug, I should think this will be where I come to for advice!
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