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  1. Hi Ian the ISO setting was 800 same as the lights and exposure setting was 1/80 sec this is the best I can get them. Altering the settings just either makes the banding worse or I can get a clean image but seems way over exposed when viewing the histogram. I take on board your suggestion on trying a different method clear blue sky ! haha but I will keep trying. Again thanks for the invaluable advice. Hi Goran the flat looks ok but try looking at it from an oblique angle the banding then becomes very evident and although no dust bunnies can be seen on the flat on the uncropped image they are very pronounced ! Regard Dave
  2. Thanks for all the comments and advice as promised see attached flat that have taken this is about as good as I can get them, most of the others at different settings etc seem much worse !
  3. Hi Ian I had cropped it a little to remove some dust doughnuts that could be seen, this is one of the reasons I am trying to master the flats. The light screen I am using is a Earlsman light panel which I think Steve Richards used in his book Making Every Photon Count so I would hope this would impart any problems. I have tried various exposures tried dimming, brightening the panel but I either have a flat that is flat but seems way over exposed when looking at the histogram on the DSLR display or when I seem to have the histogram somewhere close to where it should be I have these bands across the picture. I will try to post a picture later of what they look like. Thanks for the advice on the clipping of the picture and the using of Bias and Flat frames over the use of Darks I may have another go at it when I have taken some Bias frames which if I am correct can be taken at any time. Many thanks Dave
  4. Hi Peter thanks for the feedback it was stacked in DSS and processed rather amateurishly in photoshop still very much learning this.
  5. This my first attempt at M51 and probably only the third target I have tried. It is made up of 20 x 2 minute exposures and 20 darks no Bias frames deleted them by mistake an no flats ! Having trouble mastering the flats I have a light screen but just seem to have horizontal bars on any I take. I have heard on here that it is not needed to take bias frames when using a Cannon DSLR is this correct. As usual any constructive criticism and advice is welcome. The picture was taken with a Cannon 1100 d modified and a TS 90mm triplet refractor on a NEQ6 mount. .
  6. Quick pointers in the right direction, is there an obvious reason why my flat frames look like this. I have used a light panel and thought I had the histogram somewhere near where it should be, but they look more like a Zebra crossing than a flat frame. Apologies in advance for what may seam like an obvious fix to correct this !
  7. Thanks James just did as you suggested and all seems ok it put m42's coordinates and it slewed to what looks like the right spot. Once again thanks for the tips. Dave
  8. Thanks James I have just downloaded the latest firmware so I will give it a try as soon as I get a clear night. It seems like it's been cloudy for weeks.
  9. Hi all after a little advice if possible, I have a NEQ6 and has served me well but tonight I had it set ready to go after doing star alignment but when I asked it to slew to an object ie M42 it cam up with coordinates 00,00,00 00,00,00 etc has anyone had the same issues and id there a fix. Or am I just doing something stupid I have never done before. I have had the mount around 4 years but never upgraded the software on it, any help would be appreciated.
  10. As per the suggestion from Knight of clear skies I have retried without the darks let me know if it is any better made it worse, no one said anything about this been addictive !
  11. Guys thanks for all the advice I was happy with the reply until I reached the last few lines "Dithering" I have never even heard this before and Kappa Sigma ! Now off to Google them so I have some idea of what they are. I do have the scope set up in an observatory so I should be able to get the darks at the correct temperature if its needed and the flats I have read so many different versions on how to take them. I have been looking at ways to do these with some form of DIY approach. One of my dogs decided to eat the cables running to the observatory and it has had a fairly serious leak so it's kind of been of of action for around a year. I am now back up and running so am looking forward to some clear nights to try your invaluable and welcome advice. Cheers Guys
  12. Sorry to seem like an idiot but when you suggest try stacking without the darks did you mean on my original image, and how many darks would you think I should have taken. Many thanks
  13. Thanks Huw for showing me a different version and it makes such a difference with it not turning green on the left of the image !
  14. No that's exactly the kind of feed back I was hoping for . No I didn't take any flats I'm just trying to work out the best way to take them nor did I take any Bias frames . I will try with both on my next attempt and thanks for the pointer towards removing the gradient I will have a look in photoshop gradient exterminator. I did notice the dust marks spots / marks at the top of the Image and wondered how best to remove them ! Again thanks very much.
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