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  1. Just in case people just pop to the end of the thread, the page where I will have the video information/posts/links is located at: http://www.eprisephoto.com/videos
  2. Sorry for the delay in response to the inquiry, I was in the process of moving the last few months from the UK back to the US. The website is still up, though a few of the videos were having problems so I had temporarily pulled them off. I have put a link back to where they are on the main video page as I got so many requests to have them back up right away. I am working on redoing them all, though that might take a little bit. The page will look better once I get the new ones up and redesign the page. Since I am redoing the videos, anyone have any specific requests? (the 1st new one is up but it is a how-to of using the actions based on a few requests for that). I'll try to expedite the redoing of the videos. All my best, Annie
  3. Steve - Ah I can only dream of having a nice little orbiting location where I can sit above the earth and image and look down on our blue orb. Thanks so much for your comments (and everyone else - you guys are flooring me). I do occasionally keep it to mono imaging when I do ccd imaging, never reverted it to mono with the few DSLR images I have done. Might give it a try on the next one
  4. I just noticed this thread (sorry, a bit late to board the boat) but as I was mentioned a couple times in the thread I thought I should weigh in. Yes, a fork mount on a wedge is do-able. No, it as not as common or as easy (from what I hear) to go this route. I started with a CPC800 just on its normal Alt-Az mounting. I didn't want to spend a fortune as I was just learning the hobby so started that way constantly being told I couldn't do things with such a setup and set to prove them wrong. This soon became a trend. I eventually got a Milburn wedge (no, it was not cheap but I got it used so was cheap-ER and was still a lot less expensive than an EQ mount). I was then told by no less than a dozen people in my local astronomy group that I could NOT image with a wedge and fork mount. Challenge Accepted. I was not using an auto guider yet and after some fine-tuning with my polar alignment over a month or so eventually managed 3-5min subs (and occasionally longer) on the CPC800 WITHOUT an auto guider. It can be done. I do NOT recommend it. It was a pain in the rear and I did eventually buy a guider. I was still told that on the 2032mm lens on a wedge I couldn't do longer than 5 min subs or get decent images. Let me say this. This is patently wrong. I regularly do 10 min subs and often 20 min or more with this setup and I do not have a permanent observatory. I have my whole setup on wheels that lock and I roll it out from the garage every evening I am going to image, setup, polar align, and get going from scratch and still manage to do this. Olly has seen my setup (minus the wheels) and after a good bit of laughing at the sheer ridiculousness of the setup as I was getting it all going finally agreed that it could be done as well. A large SCT fork-mount on a wedge may not be the simplest, but for me it was the most economical as I used what I already had and saved for bits to add as I went (wedge, then auto guider, then OAG, then a piggy-back 80mm EON, etc). Yes, I even piggyback an 80mm refractor and use the CPC as the tracking mount for most of my images. I am a bit mad, but didn't have a fortune to spend so was willing to put in the time to figure out exactly how to get my setup to do what I wanted and, for me, it works. From what I am told over and over and over again, this is NOT the norm. Especially considering the C11 would make any of the issues I had with the C8 exponentially worse due to the longer focal length, I am certain it could be done, but maybe not the ideal setup (unless you are mad like me, I personally LOVE my wedged setup) I am firmly in the camp of, YES it CAN be done but if you can afford an EQ mount then save yourself the hassle of figuring out this setup and just go with that. If you have the parts (such as already have the fork mount and don't want to de-fork it, etc, etc) then a few hundred dollar wedge is much cheaper than a few thousand dollar EQ mount, so if you can have a little bit of patience you can save a ton of money. Those are my two cents, happy to answer any questions/comments though.
  5. Awww thanks guys! I was quite pleased with the image as I really don't do much DSLR work and then to get Photo of the Month with it (just as we are moving back to America) was a superb way to cap my astro-imaging here in England! I appreciate all your comments and I will still be hanging around the forum even through I am moving across the pond (if you will have me still!)
  6. I went away for the day and came back to way more comments than I expected. Thank you all so very much for your kind words about my photo!!
  7. Roughly Bortle 6-6.5 (although that is my own estimate). I really like the Color Efex Pro plugins - although I have and use them for my regular photography stuff more than astro. Have just started using them in conjunction with my actions and own Photoshop processing to help bring out some fainter detail. Still playing around with them for astro stuff
  8. Fantastic! Very impressive mosaic. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  9. Actually the Nikon is my normal camera. I have always had Nikons so have just stuck with them whenever I upgrade. I normally do CCD imaging but every once in a while I'll throw the Nikon on for the larger FOV. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  10. Orion Nebula (Messier 42) from a few nights ago. ~8 hours of data on my Nikon D7000. Best night I have seen here in my little spot of England for the past 3 years. It was absolutely perfect out! I had been wanting to image this again for years as I hadn't since I first started astrophotography and was mightily pleased that I finally got around to it. I have a little bit of coma in the image still just as I forgot to use my field flattener. I processed some of it out, but didn't want to crop too much or lose too much around the edges by using lens correction too much. Aside from that, I was quite happy. Almost makes me want to use my Nikon more and my CCD a little less! This was done with a stock Nikon D7000 at ISO200 and Orion EON80ED. Processed in Photoshop CS5. Exposure details: Integration Time: 20x60" 12x120" 10x480" 12x600" 16x900" Total Integration: 8.1 hours I have also done a writeup on my blog about the processing as I had several people ask after I first threw it up on my Facebook. More image details/higher res: My website or on Astrobin
  11. Mark - sounds good just lemme know. Sara & Ian - thanks for the comments. Definitely need a good southern horizon for it, though
  12. Thanks all for your kind words! I was quite happy with this. The Eagle Nebula was the first thing I ever pointed a camera through a telescope at when I started astrophotography and I have been wanting to re-image it for quite some time now that I kinda know what I am doing. Mark - We definitely should all get together sometime!
  13. Eagle Nebula in Narrowband. Partially imaged in France, finished up here in Suffolk. Integration Details: Ha: 13x900s, 7x1200s (5 hrs, 35 min) SII: 8 x 900s (2 hrs) OIII: 10 x 900s (2 hrs 30 min) Total time: 10 hrs 5 min Equipment: Scope: Orion EON80ED Camera: Atik 314L+ Filters: Astronomik Ha, SII, OIII
  14. Thanks so much guys! Your kind words are much appreciated.
  15. Barry & Pat - Thanks for your comments, glad you like it.
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