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  1. Thanks guys, much appreciated. I'll need to find out if he has a Barlow lens first before ordering anything and I'm not sure what model of 130 it is. It did come with the electronic tracker but then maybe that all do. As you can probably tell this isn't really my area!! He hasn't touched the scope since he bought it so at this point im the best I've got :-)
  2. My brother in law has a Skywatcher 130 and I have a Nikon D7100 and was wondering what exactly do I need to connect the camera to the scope for imaging the moon? It's a bit confusing knowing what to buy considering all the topics on not being able to focus. Will a T ring And T adaptor be enough to get me to focus with this setup? I'm in the UK and if anyone can point me in the right direction of where to buy these items it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Brian.
  3. Show's how much I know!! Thank's for the info and the clarity. It's a pity it doesn't actually look like the photos, kind of nice to imagine it's that beautiful up there. Thanks, Brian.
  4. I haven't purchased my scope yet but I know when you look through the EP you don't see any colours in nebula, galaxies etc as the distances are just too great, but my question is if you were to travel to these galaxies, nebula etc would it actually look like it does in these amazing astro images you see on this site? You'll have to excuse the beginners question as I'm new here. Thanks in advance, Brian.
  5. I have just asked my local library to bring this in for me from another library as it has had many glowing reports on this here forum. Brian
  6. smiddit

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    Welcome Andy. Great forum here.
  7. Once again folks thanks again for the numerous replies. Being a beginner when I get my scope I'll probably be out with it everytime it's clear. Maybe by the time winter comes around this year I'll have some idea how to work it properly! Thanks, Brian
  8. Sorry it's the 8" F/5 equatorially mounted version I am going to buy. Thanks for the tips/advice. Brian
  9. New to this and just wondered what observing is like in the summer as it never really gets completely dark like in the winter. Is it still doable or does everyone take a break until it's minus 5 again?
  10. That's great, thanks folks. I don't own the scope yet but will be ordering it in a few weeks time and hadn't actually seen a picture of someone with it until just recently! Quite large it is! Time to have a clear out and make some space. Thanks, Brian.
  11. After seeing the size of this thing I have a quick question about dismantling and storing it. After setting it up for the first time is it easy enough to remove the scope from the mount and take it indoors and vice versa? Or is it best to leave it on the mount as much as possible? Any advice greatly appreciated. Brian.
  12. Hi folks. Just thought I'd say hello before asking a multitude of questions that have probably been answered a million times before! In the market for my first scope in the next few months and have decided on the Skywatcher Explorer 200 on the EQ5 mount. Seems to have got good reviews (Sky at Night) and everywhere I have looked. If it's good enough for Patrick Moore I'm pretty sure as a complete beginner I won't be dissapointed. Had thought about a Go-To scope but the price of an 8 inch is well beyond what I'm willing to spend just getting started and I quite fancy doing it ''the old fashioned way'' to be honest. I also want the biggest aperture I can get for the money. Also need to say thanks to Kim (brantuk) for helping me out with my registration problems.
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