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  1. Thanks for heads up. Got the plus version myself.
  2. Well done, and just in time for the darker nights.
  3. Hi TGT, just get the XT8 you wont be dissapointed. Binoculars are great for a quick grab and go and give you a wide field of view, that would be good for a beginner (and expert). However, the XT8 is a great size and is also quite portable and will give you great views.
  4. Nice image, love the detail.
  5. Love it. I'm starting to like the widefield more these days.
  6. Excellent obs you got there and wonderfully dark skies.
  7. Nice set of pics. Like others I had cloud cover so watched the NASA stream.
  8. Well done, they are a good EP
  9. Watched it last night, very interesting, thanks.
  10. Same set up, except I've got the Orion 8 dob.
  11. Another problem you may have, are you bringing the scope out of a warm house and using it straight away? You need to let the primary mirror cool down to the same temperature as outside. This can be as much as 45mins on a 10" mirror.
  12. Gra

    Hello from Bingo

    Hi Bingo, welcome to SGL. A 'first light report', is basicly a report on what you see first time out, how good you feel the scope is.
  13. What kind of exposure are you using to get these results?
  14. If you are new to astronomy, you will want to see the best views up there. For for money you wont get a better scope in my opinion. (larger mirror / price) They are also easy to use.
  15. Might give that a go later.
  16. M45 The Pleiades, very nice.
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