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  1. 4 x lights @ 3 mins / ISO 800 1 x dark @ 3 mins / ISO 800 (N)EQ6-Pro & Canon EOS 450D had to hit the bed, thus only a few very light frames of 3 minutes.
  2. photons don't decay, by definition they are mass-less. only objects (elements) with mass can decay. Although I'm waiting for someone to prove me wrong here : ) However, you do raise an interesting point which I have questioned myself....that surely photons, using energy as they do, must surely run out someday. I mean it takes 1 million years approx for them to reach the surface of a 'G' type star, then travel another 8 minutes to hit Earth then they get wasted on rubbish like Blazin Squad on tour or something...I mean, where do they go, they can't keep bouncing round reflecting off things for eternity can they? And yeah, Olbers states that light from the farthest reaches hasn't got to us yet, but that raises questions on the size and age of the universe. I mean we have people with adenoids saying the universe is 13.7Gy's old (G= billion in geek talk) however, that would mean we would 'see all the light and be encompassed by a sphere of whiteness'........but as we don't then it must be older (something which I kinda agree with)
  3. if your living near Middlesbrough then put it down to the unique air quality there just messin, erm apparently a single candle can be seen at a distance of 14 miles with the naked eye. its all down to flux really, the energy output in photons that a star provides. If you think about a failed star such as a 'hot jupter' then infrared devices would be able to pick them up but not devices that work in the visible. Olbers paradox works on a similar theory, that given the universe is full of stars (a sphere of light in effect), why when we look into space do we not see white light everywhere. Dust is worth thinking about in this equation.
  4. that pic is good, nice flaring and cloud detail. i like.
  5. maybe they will find the face of Bob Holness somewhere beyond the Hubble Deep Field.
  6. Hello. Yesterday my sister was participating in a music performance at the Northern Stage acoustics centre in Newcastle, she was in charge of around 200 young students from a nearby school where she teaches music at. The show was very very good. However, at the interval she came to meet me (as my family and I were watching in the audience) and gave me a sheet of paper with.............(drumroll)...........one of my astro photos which was signed by astronaut Ken Ham who has been to the ISS twice! How cool is that? She managed to get his autograph and a personal message hand written on the photo during the school day as he was a visitor there. She said he was very laid back and pretty cool and apparently she wanted to give him a hug cos he was so nice (? sometimes I wonder about my sister, she's quite odd!).
  7. the person on the right looks like Albert Einstein's profile
  8. No problemo. Canon dSLR's come with Canon Utilities. Its a comprehensive package which allows you to not only download images direct from the camera via USB, but amend them, convert them etc. You can also control your camera remotly with it, i.e. set exposure times, series of exposures etc.
  9. They thought they'd left the house unlocked then remembered they locked everything up before going on holiday.
  10. Sup GazNat! I had the Olympus E-400 and it wasn't great. The noise at ISO's higher than 400 was terrible. It only exposed for 60secs at low higher ISO's and took ages to process, plus the Olympus RAW files can be tricky to work with. However, I think the E-410 allows longer exposure times. I would be tempted to go for a Canon as the noise is reduced significantly and the RAW's are easy to work with. I have the Canon EOS 450D and its easy to use and gives great images. Having said that, Nikon's are just as good.
  11. If you'd have kept the exposure going for another 20seconds you would have seen this:
  12. Agree with JGS001. I had the NexStar 4SE and I had similar issues. Its not that you have a bad scope or a particularly bad mount, its just that the mount isn't equatorial and its not the strongest. Unless you have the wedge for the mount which I don't think comes as standard (it comes with a built in version on the 4SE and the 8SE I think), then you can rule out long exposure imaging as like you said field rotation appears. Also the slow focal ratio (think its an f/12 ?) won't help. I would recommend maybe purchasing a wedge or possibly trying to make one yourself. By the looks of it your second image is okay. I had a similar shot of M13 through my 4SE and I think the main issue is vibration dampening. The first few images I took, I exposed for 30secs+ (as I was using the wedge) and was walking around and had trails like in your first shot. The latter shots I took, I stayed as still as possible and the image wasn't trailing. Likewise, you can probably only get away with a few seconds unless you have the wedge. Keep persevering with it though. maybe go for some widefield images instead by removing the OTA and attaching the camera onto the mount somehow. You should be able to track for long enough to get an okay image.
  13. Hey again, Hmm, the second one shows the arms of the spiral in M81 more clearly. As for the blotching...are you processing the images before stacking them? I know that if I tamper with RAW's or JPEG's before stacking then I get the blotching effect. I wasn't criticising before by saying that you had too many darks : ) was just saying that most people only use a few to counteract any rogue hot pixels or lighter frames. Its personal preference.
  14. I'd go for the 450D. I compared the 1000D against it on spec's and reviews and it came out on top. But its personal preference really!
  15. Good target, especially with the really light skies we have with the sun not setting until 21:30 or so. I would maybe leave off the darks, you have quite a lot! maybe try only half that amount. What ISO were you shooting at?
  16. Hello. Thats a fairly comprehensive list your after! In January I bought a Canon EOS 450D, I had previously owned an Olympus E-400 and had knowledge of a Nikon D40x and Canon 400D. In simple terms the Canon EOS 450D is the bomb. It has LiveView, multiple focusing points, very fast processing, good RAW performance, stock lens is great, its not too heavy and not too large, the link to PC is simple via Canon EOS Utilities software and its very easy to use. Having said that, there are some areas where its not outstanding, but then again every dSLR would fall into this category. It doesn't have the largest CCD chip, it doesn't have the most focal points and the LiveView feature in dark locations, such as when using it for astrophotography can show some hot pixel lines. For the price though, I'd buy it. Don't get an Olympus, the noise at over ISO 400 is terrible, Nikons are good and the menu's are easy to use but with Canon you know you have bought the right one. If you have it in your budget maybe go for the higher model such as the 50D or whatever.
  17. thats how mine should have ended up like......if it wasn't mid June!
  18. very good choice. Kirsten Prout is a fav of mine, think she's in one of them new vampire films. she's hot these days!
  19. lol, of all the places. well it was fine when i was there.... : )
  20. hmm, fair enough. where I went to near Libanus (3 miles south of Brecon on the A470) the sky was one of the clearest I have seen. It all varies though.
  21. Welcome welcome, or as they say in Wales......dim parkio araf boyo! The LP around Merthyr is awful. The Brecons offers the best get out clause for it. Good luck.
  22. isn't that a contradictory statement by yourself? Anyway, I was joking btw! Megan Fox is sexy.......mmm, why can't I get a picture of her!
  23. Thanks man, if it stays clear tonight then I'll give it another go....maybe around 2am. I collimated it last night and the stars look pretty sexy as a result. This time I managed not to drop the secondary onto the primary when adjusting the screws!
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